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the nature and effectiveness of silver jewelry
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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 21, 2015 7:45:36 AM(UTC)

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Recently mined silver in the time, glowing a wonderful white colour, but once subjected to atmosphere, it's going to become silver character in a very short amount of time, silver in the creation of finished products, through high polish or satin plated approach can reproduce the silver mined in merely dazzling white, but the same can not be kept in the air, in about 15 days or so changes back to silver color, this white is only a sell on the goodlooking.

Silver is a volatile metal, oil can maintain a healthy body table silver color, long term exposure to atmosphere will wear yellowish, the body has fell upon deposition of toxins, or hit "S" of substances like hair dressing, soap, etc., will suddenly turn black, so wear silver could make it effective to keep the silver color, but also a manifestation of health.

We all know that silver earrings maintenance methods, we must take a look at silver earrings will soon be black? Let's better maintenance silver earrings. Silver fake tiffany earrings will probably not be white?

Because endocrine as well as physical condition isn't the same for everyone, some people sweat more acid comprising some relatively few people, but also a number of the sulfur content in body fluids is comparatively high, these are the silver surface of the black substance, so everyone wear silver earrings will produce different consequences, some folks wear half will seem like new.

Other materials and atmosphere (including eggs, cosmetic) nitric oxide on silver earrings sulfur, and all have some corrosion.

Owing to these natural features of silver, silver and consequently have a good health effects, often wear can neutralize substances that are poisonous in the body. Silver ion has a powerful bactericidal effect, can remove 650 types of bacteria, do drug testing tool, the human body is very good. It is also possible to hasten wound healing, prevent infection, and purify water and preservative effect. The ancients said: silver and body, health wealth will probably come with five organs, fixed head, simply horrified, except evil. In medicine, it's more than other precious metals on human health effects is higher.

Silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect on the body is quite good. Silver can be discovered using since the silver toxins can occur with many chemical reactions, so that silver black, simple to identify the food is nontoxic. BC, the ancients understood money can accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, purify water and preservative effect. It can prevent bacterial development, five organs, given head, merely horrified, except evil. Silver fake tiffany atlas bangle has exceptional antibiotic and sterilization, the general average of just six types of antibiotics, bacteria play a part, but silver can eliminate 650 types of bacteria.

Thermal conductivity of silver in all metals is the most notable, and may rapidly dissipate the heat of blood vessels, thermal conductivity theory silver 100, gold is 53.2, iron is 11.6, platinum is 8.2, this identifying thermal conductivity quickly reduce blood heat, prevent various ailments have an outstanding effect. Silver has absorbed toxic function, which is one reason for 100's colour, so it's excellent disinfection performance, this shade is only a surface reaction, removing using drugs or toothpaste. Hence, silver significant health can not be discounted.

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