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Choti Recipes ( 49 )

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Cooking Video
Views: 18798
Rated: 22 times

Bakray ki Choti Raan, Mutton Leg

Provided by: Lubna Cooks Hyderabadi Kitchen on Masala TV | Category: Lubna Cooks
Bakray ki Choti Raan, Mutton Leg - A delicious succulent Tandoori Raan recipe just for you. Enjoy the taste of the delicious lamb marinated in hung curd and th ...
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English Recipe
Views: 109577
Rated: 41 times

Hot 'n Spicy Nihari

Provided by: Chef Shireen Anwar in Masala Mornings on Masala Cooking TV Channel | Category: Curry
Hot 'n Spicy Nihari - Nihari is popular traditional breakfast dish of Pakistan. It is a type of stew cooked in spices. Learn how to make Hot n Spi ...
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English Recipe
Views: 51515
Rated: 25 times

Bohri Chicken Biryani

Provided by: Sara Riaz in Tonight's Menu on ARY Zauq TV Channel | Category: Rice, Biryani, Pulao
Bohri Chicken Biryani - This bohri chicken is very light, requires no plums (no alubhukaray), no tomatoes, a very simple yet delicious bohri chicken ...
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English Recipe
Views: 18964
Rated: 39 times

Bread Dessert

Provided by: ASMA KHALID | Category: Children, Kids Special
Bread Dessert - A very delicious sweet bread dessert flavoured with coffee and chocolate. perfect dessert for chocolate lovers. ...
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English Recipe
Views: 52293
Rated: 79 times


Provided by: HAMMZAH647425 | Category: Cakes, Pancakes, Frostings
Cake - This is a very different cake recipe, with aroma arisen from Green Cardamom, and made from custard powder and oil. This cake ...
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English Recipe
Views: 5969


Provided by: | Category: Curry
Kesar-e-Paneer - Kesar-e-Paneer is a Indian cottage cheese (paneer) curry cooked in saffron, cream, tomatoes and spices. ...
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English Recipe
Views: 55946
Rated: 34 times

Phirni (Rice Pudding)

Provided by: | Category: Pudding, Kheer, Jelly, Custard
Phirni (Rice Pudding) - Phirni - Phirni tastes pretty much like kheer. The difference is of texture and cooking time. Phirni is made of ground rice ...
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English Recipe
Views: 12264
Rated: 13 times

Shahi Suji Halva

Provided by: | Category: Dessert Halwa
Shahi Suji Halva - Delicious semolina pudding ...
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English Recipe
Views: 12662
Rated: 8 times


Provided by: | Category: Dessert, Mithai, Sweets
Lapsi - Sweet porridge with broken wheat. ...
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English Recipe
Views: 7274
Rated: 1 times

Saffron (Kesar) ki Kulfi

Provided by: | Category: Dessert Ice Cream
Saffron (Kesar) ki Kulfi - This wonderful ice-cream is rich, creamy and nutty with a wonderful Saffron flavour, and is a popular dessert served at asia ...
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English Recipe
Views: 13885
Rated: 2 times

Yakhni (Stewed lamb in yoghurt)

Provided by: | Category: Soup, Stew, Yakhni
Yakhni (Stewed lamb in yoghurt) - Put the lamb in a deep pot or a pressure cooker with water. Add ginger powder, aniseed powder, garam masala, asafoetida, bla ...
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English Recipe
Views: 6971
Rated: 2 times

Kanguchi Pulao (Mushroom pulao)

Provided by: | Category: Rice, Biryani, Pulao
Kanguchi Pulao (Mushroom pulao) - Slit the mushrooms lengthwise and wash well. Heat the ghee in a heavy-bottomed pot, add cloves, black and green cardamom, ci ...
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English Recipe
Views: 11177
Rated: 4 times

Mutton Pasanday

Provided by: KhanRiyaz | Category: Beef
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English Recipe
Views: 16743
Rated: 6 times

Khara Masala Gosht

Provided by: | Category: Lamb
Khara Masala Gosht - Heat the oil in a pan. Add the onions, saute till light brown. Add the whole and powdered spices, lamb, ginger paste, garlic ...
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English Recipe
Views: 39341
Rated: 17 times

Dum Ka Qeema

Provided by: Ms. Fatima Baig | Category: Keema, Mince, Ground Meat
Dum Ka Qeema - Grind all the solid spices finely Add these to the minced meat along with onion, papaya and lemon Marinate for 2 hours. Hea ...
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