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India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has very hot traditional dishes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day holiday at the end of Ramadan. Special dishes include sheer khurma recipes and Shami kebeb. One is very old tradition is Muzaffer, a type of vermicelli. Drinks in Muslim cuisine, such as Rooh Afza, are also popularly consumed.

Eid Special Recipes

Event though Muslims come from from different cultures and backgrounds, hence what you cook on Eid day may vary. But there are few things that you would find common on Eid breakfast, Eid Lunch and Eid Dinner tables from around the world.

Name Type Language Category Viewed Rating
Mango Souffle Mango Souffle Cooking Video URDU Eid 5786 Mango Souffle
Pasandey Aloo Waley پسندے آلو والے Pasandey Aloo Waley پسندے آلو والے Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 4500 Pasandey Aloo Waley پسندے آلو والے
Creamy Bar BQ Chicken Creamy Bar BQ Chicken English Recipe English Eid 7949 Creamy Bar BQ Chicken
Moroccan Lamb Stew موروکن لیمب اسٹیو Moroccan Lamb Stew موروکن لیمب اسٹیو Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 2665 Moroccan Lamb Stew موروکن لیمب اسٹیو
Rajhistani Qeema Rajhistani Qeema English Recipe English Eid 8498 Rajhistani Qeema
Chop Masala Chop Masala English Recipe English Eid 5248 Chop Masala
Arabic Chicken And Iraqi Rice Arabic Chicken And Iraqi Rice Cooking Video URDU Eid 3637 Arabic Chicken And Iraqi Rice
Custard Tarts Custard Tarts Cooking Video URDU Eid 2404 Custard Tarts
Rabri Bowl ربڑی پیالا Rabri Bowl ربڑی پیالا Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 1546 Rabri Bowl ربڑی پیالا
Baked Chops بیکڈ چوپس Baked Chops بیکڈ چوپس Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 2454 Baked Chops بیکڈ چوپس
Special Fruit Chat اسپیشل فروٹ چاٹ Special Fruit Chat اسپیشل فروٹ چاٹ Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 5041 Special Fruit Chat اسپیشل فروٹ چاٹ
Mince Stuffed Chili Fritters قیمہ بھرے مرچ پکوڑے Mince Stuffed Chili Fritters قیمہ بھرے مرچ پکوڑے Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 2162 Mince Stuffed Chili Fritters قیمہ بھرے مرچ پکوڑے
Almond Float آلمنڈ فلوٹ Almond Float آلمنڈ فلوٹ Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 2382 Almond Float آلمنڈ فلوٹ
Gujiya (Indian Sweet Dish) Gujiya (Indian Sweet Dish) English Recipe English Eid 3926 Gujiya (Indian Sweet Dish)
Date and Almond Slice Date and Almond Slice English Recipe English Eid 2219 Date and Almond Slice

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