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India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has very hot traditional dishes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day holiday at the end of Ramadan. Special dishes include sheer khurma recipes and Shami kebeb. One is very old tradition is Muzaffer, a type of vermicelli. Drinks in Muslim cuisine, such as Rooh Afza, are also popularly consumed.

Eid Special Recipes

Event though Muslims come from from different cultures and backgrounds, hence what you cook on Eid day may vary. But there are few things that you would find common on Eid breakfast, Eid Lunch and Eid Dinner tables from around the world.

Name Type Language Category Viewed Rating
Sugared Almonds and Mukhani Mutton Handi Sugared Almonds and Mukhani Mutton Handi Cooking Video URDU Eid 2834 Sugared Almonds and Mukhani Mutton Handi
Saffron Gram-flour Dessert زعفرانی حلوہ Saffron Gram-flour Dessert زعفرانی حلوہ Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 4320 Saffron Gram-flour Dessert زعفرانی حلوہ
Nargasi Koftay and Lab-e-Shireen Nargasi Koftay and Lab-e-Shireen Cooking Video URDU Eid 4591 Nargasi Koftay and Lab-e-Shireen
Gajraila and Kaboli Gajraila and Kaboli Cooking Video URDU Eid 3771 Gajraila and Kaboli
Fruit Pavlova Fruit Pavlova Cooking Video URDU Eid 2065 Fruit Pavlova
Chicken Zafarani Handi Biryani, Peanut Raita and Orange Salad Chicken Zafarani Handi Biryani, Peanut Raita and Orange Salad Cooking Video URDU Eid 2833 Chicken Zafarani Handi Biryani, Peanut Raita and Orange Salad
Mango Madness Mango Madness English Recipe English Eid 5430 Mango Madness
Meat Lazania Meat Lazania Cooking Video English Eid 4392 Meat Lazania
Mirch Machli Mazedar and Egg Fried Rice Mirch Machli Mazedar and Egg Fried Rice Cooking Video English Eid 3290 Mirch Machli Mazedar and Egg Fried Rice
Carrot Raisin Drops Carrot Raisin Drops English Recipe English Eid 5615 Carrot Raisin Drops
Sindhi Biryani Sindhi Biryani Cooking Video URDU Eid 4568 Sindhi Biryani
Saat Sumander Paar and Pina Colada Saat Sumander Paar and Pina Colada Cooking Video URDU Eid 4652 Saat Sumander Paar and Pina Colada
Chicken Maryland Chicken Maryland Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 5188 Chicken Maryland
Moti Pulao Moti Pulao Cooking Video URDU Eid 3751 Moti Pulao
Khichara and Zafarani Sharbet Khichara and Zafarani Sharbet Cooking Video URDU Eid 2413 Khichara and Zafarani Sharbet

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