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India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has very hot traditional dishes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day holiday at the end of Ramadan. Special dishes include sheer khurma recipes and Shami kebeb. One is very old tradition is Muzaffer, a type of vermicelli. Drinks in Muslim cuisine, such as Rooh Afza, are also popularly consumed.

Eid Special Recipes

Event though Muslims come from from different cultures and backgrounds, hence what you cook on Eid day may vary. But there are few things that you would find common on Eid breakfast, Eid Lunch and Eid Dinner tables from around the world.

Name Type Language Category Viewed Rating
لیمب کباب Lamb Kababs لیمب کباب Lamb Kababs Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 14111 لیمب کباب Lamb Kababs
Strawberry Jelly Delight Strawberry Jelly Delight English Recipe English Eid 7854 Strawberry Jelly Delight
Basboosa, Kunafeh And Um-E-Ali Basboosa, Kunafeh And Um-E-Ali Cooking Video URDU Eid 9541 Basboosa, Kunafeh And Um-E-Ali
Mocha Almond Cake And Fruit Pizza Mocha Almond Cake And Fruit Pizza Cooking Video URDU Eid 6311 Mocha Almond Cake And Fruit Pizza
Doodhi or Lauki ka Halwa & Moong ki Daal ka Halva & Sooji ka Halwa Doodhi or Lauki ka Halwa & Moong ki Daal ka Halva & Sooji ka Halwa Cooking Video URDU Eid 28585 Doodhi or Lauki ka Halwa & Moong ki Daal ka Halva & Sooji ka Halwa
One-Bowl Chocolate Cake One-Bowl Chocolate Cake English Recipe English Eid 47957 One-Bowl Chocolate Cake
Paneer Butter Masala Paneer Butter Masala Cooking Video URDU Eid 12183 Paneer Butter Masala
Seekh Kaleji (Barbecued Liver) Seekh Kaleji (Barbecued Liver) English Recipe English Eid 17856 Seekh Kaleji (Barbecued Liver)
Multani Sohan Halva Multani Sohan Halva English Recipe English Eid 22902 Multani Sohan Halva
Spring Roll Spring Roll English Recipe English Eid 52296 Spring Roll
Mutton Shahi Qorma Mutton Shahi Qorma Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 15312 Mutton Shahi Qorma
Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun English Recipe English Eid 155740 Gulab Jamun
Lal Kabab لال کباب Lal Kabab لال کباب Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 6195 Lal Kabab لال کباب
Tawa Kalaiji (Griddle Fried Liver) Tawa Kalaiji (Griddle Fried Liver) English Recipe English Eid 13040 Tawa Kalaiji (Griddle Fried Liver)
Kashmiri Biryani and Badami Kheer by Zubaida Tariq in Handi Kashmiri Biryani and Badami Kheer by Zubaida Tariq in Handi Cooking Video URDU Eid 21324 Kashmiri Biryani and Badami Kheer by Zubaida Tariq in Handi

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Berger Dahi Chana Chaat Zubaida Tariq In Handi Cooking Show On Masala Tv Free Download In Hindi Chocolate Cake Cooking Show Show Maghaz Eating Chicken Mayo Sandwich Classic Ladoo Haleem Dahi Phulkiyan ! Shami Kabab Stuffed Chicken Iftar Nita Mehta Vegetarian Chef Mehboob In Zauq Zindagi On Ary Zauq Tv Channel Ten Pasta Chicken Nuggets Ramzan Cutlets Papa Kasturi Kabab Tender Whole Chicken Pizza Hut Macaroni Salad Drops Eid Bhabi Ki Chudai Chicken Yakhni Pulao Fruit Chaat Bhindi Gosht CHICKEN SHASHLIK Sesame Caramel Indus Gola Ganda Afzal Nizami Strawberry Creamy Fruit Chaat Chef Mehboob Khan In Smart Cooking With K Kamzor Bachon Ko Sehatmand Karne Ka R=Tarika Guest Shireen Anwer Chef Nadeem Chef Saadat Siddiqi Chicken Cheese Handi Shireen Anwer In Masala Morning Cooking Show On Masala Tv Network Hot Dog Chinese Chef Maeda Rahat Open Orange Juice Chef Asad In Lazzat With Asad On Metro One Tv Gulab Jamun Banane Ki Tarkeeb Dahi Vada Buttermilk Chicken Aloo Eagg Bhurji Kaise Banaye Chicken Pizza Pizza Russian Salad Namkeen Roast Murgh Musallam Kulfa Handi With Zubaida Tariq On Masala Tv Urdu Curd Chicken Karahi Olive Need Imli Ki Chatni Hindi Vegeta Chole Bhature Raha Birthday Bitter Chicken Jalfrezi Thai Diet Salad Nutmeg Zubaida Tariq In Handi On Masala Tv Channel Masala Tv In Urdu Written Dahi Chicken Macaroni Qeema Aam Ka Achar Bake Chef Rukaiya Abbas Kache Keema Ke Kabab 200 Chef Maida Rahat In Home Cooking On Ary Zauq Farah Jahanzeb Khan In Zaiqedaar On Zaiqa Tv Channel Falsa Juice Bread Rolls Pasta Salad Masterchef India Porian Chiken Biryani Banane Ka Tarika Hindi Me Chicken Shireen Anwer In Masala Mornings On Masala Tv Chelo Kabab Chicken Manchurian Vegetables Gawar Mango Ice Cream
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