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India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has very hot traditional dishes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day holiday at the end of Ramadan. Special dishes include sheer khurma recipes and Shami kebeb. One is very old tradition is Muzaffer, a type of vermicelli. Drinks in Muslim cuisine, such as Rooh Afza, are also popularly consumed.

Eid Special Recipes

Event though Muslims come from from different cultures and backgrounds, hence what you cook on Eid day may vary. But there are few things that you would find common on Eid breakfast, Eid Lunch and Eid Dinner tables from around the world.

Name Type Language Category Viewed Rating
Strawberry Pizza Strawberry Pizza English Recipe English Eid 1699 Strawberry Pizza
Pasanday Kabab Pasanday Kabab English Recipe English Eid 8107 Pasanday Kabab
Butter Frosting Cake Butter Frosting Cake English Recipe English Eid 6710 Butter Frosting Cake
Coconut Kheer کوکونٹ کھیر Coconut Kheer کوکونٹ کھیر Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 7183 Coconut Kheer کوکونٹ کھیر
Apple Tart Apple Tart English Recipe English Eid 4898 Apple Tart
Chocolate Macaroons Cake Chocolate Macaroons Cake English Recipe English Eid 6469 Chocolate Macaroons Cake
Garlic Mayo, Melon Shake and Burger Garlic Mayo, Melon Shake and Burger Cooking Video English Eid 3410 Garlic Mayo, Melon Shake and Burger
Chicken Parmesan, Mash Potatoes and Tomato Sauce Chicken Parmesan, Mash Potatoes and Tomato Sauce Cooking Video English Eid 3677 Chicken Parmesan, Mash Potatoes and Tomato Sauce
South Indian Chicken  ساؤتھ انڈین مرغی South Indian Chicken ساؤتھ انڈین مرغی Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 5163 South Indian Chicken  ساؤتھ انڈین مرغی
Apple and Caramel Sauce Apple and Caramel Sauce English Recipe English Eid 2595 Apple and Caramel Sauce
Chick Peas Chat Chick Peas Chat English Recipe English Eid 5677 Chick Peas Chat
Hawaiian Pizza Hawaiian Pizza Cooking Video English Eid 4481 Hawaiian Pizza
Blueberry Ice Cream Blueberry Ice Cream English Recipe English Eid 4493 Blueberry Ice Cream
Balochi Mutton Leg Balochi Mutton Leg English Recipe English Eid 4726 Balochi Mutton Leg
Bakar Khani Delight Bakar Khani Delight English Recipe English Eid 8044 Bakar Khani Delight

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