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India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has very hot traditional dishes to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day holiday at the end of Ramadan. Special dishes include sheer khurma recipes and Shami kebeb. One is very old tradition is Muzaffer, a type of vermicelli. Drinks in Muslim cuisine, such as Rooh Afza, are also popularly consumed.

Eid Special Recipes

Event though Muslims come from from different cultures and backgrounds, hence what you cook on Eid day may vary. But there are few things that you would find common on Eid breakfast, Eid Lunch and Eid Dinner tables from around the world.

Name Type Language Category Viewed Rating
BBQ Achari Boti, Gatwa Kabab, Fry Kaleji And Achari Masala BBQ Achari Boti, Gatwa Kabab, Fry Kaleji And Achari Masala Cooking Video URDU Eid 4426 BBQ Achari Boti, Gatwa Kabab, Fry Kaleji And Achari Masala
Mini Orange Cheese Cake And Pineapple And Orange Smoothie Mini Orange Cheese Cake And Pineapple And Orange Smoothie Cooking Video URDU Eid 4320 Mini Orange Cheese Cake And Pineapple And Orange Smoothie
Tangdi Chicken Drumstick Kabab Tangdi Chicken Drumstick Kabab English Recipe English Eid 32238 Tangdi Chicken Drumstick Kabab
Coconut Balls Coconut Balls English Recipe English Eid 8773 Coconut Balls
Strawberry Chantilly Strawberry Chantilly English Recipe English Eid 11491 Strawberry Chantilly
Arabic Bread Pudding Arabic Bread Pudding English Recipe English Eid 16262 Arabic Bread Pudding
Beef Roast and Beef Loaf Beef Roast and Beef Loaf Cooking Video URDU Eid 15096 Beef Roast and Beef Loaf
Khoya Choharay Khoya Choharay Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 9160 Khoya Choharay
Yoghurt Dessert یوگرٹ ڈیزرٹ Yoghurt Dessert یوگرٹ ڈیزرٹ Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 6915 Yoghurt Dessert یوگرٹ ڈیزرٹ
Singaporian Rice And Easy Marble Cake Singaporian Rice And Easy Marble Cake Cooking Video URDU Eid 12787 Singaporian Rice And Easy Marble Cake
Bihari Boti بہاری بوٹی Bihari Boti بہاری بوٹی Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 26045 Bihari Boti بہاری بوٹی
Hyderabadi Dam K Kebab Hyderabadi Dam K Kebab Urdu Recipe URDU Eid 21309 Hyderabadi Dam K Kebab
Murgh Musallam (Chicken Musallam) Murgh Musallam (Chicken Musallam) English Recipe English Eid 27779 Murgh Musallam (Chicken Musallam)
Quick Haleem Quick Haleem Cooking Video URDU Eid 11563 Quick Haleem
Kofta Curry (Meatball Curry) Kofta Curry (Meatball Curry) English Recipe English Eid 76875 Kofta Curry (Meatball Curry)

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