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Facial Steps with Hand Movements

Facial Steps with Hand Movements
In this article we will discuss about clean face and skin care. Cleansing, rinsing, steaming and toning are also part of the facial.
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  • Wash your face:
    • Use a liquid Face wash or gel or cleansing milk or make-up remover.

  • Cleansing:
    If you use cleansing milk or make-up remover than follow the following steps:

  • • Pump enough cleansing milk onto your palm, make sure your hand is not wet and you have not wet your face with water. Remember oil and water does not mix together.
    • Apply onto your dirty face, simply move your index finger or hand on top of the skin with a gentle circular upward messaging “flying” motion (if you do it right, you can feel that your skin is not moving. You actually barely touch the skin surface to take off excess oil and dead skin cell) on the face and neck. Do not scrub too much or push your hand too hard, gentle massaging strokes are enough to help improve circulation as well as loosen grime and old surface skin cells - as the skin will be irritated more and causing more acne.
    • Use a circular spiral movement upward from the middle of your chin to the lower part of the ear. Circular spiral movement upward from the tip of your lips to the middle part of the ear. Circular spiral movement upward from the tip of your nose to temple. Circular spiral movement from middle of your forehead to temple.
    • An inward circular movement around your eyes.
    • An Up and down movement on your nose.
    • Take away the cleansing milk using facial tissue downwardly without making any pressure on skin surface.
    • Repeat the steps again until your facial tissue show no trace of make-up or dirt left on your skin.
    • Wash your face with running water.
    • Pat it dry and let it dry naturally (avoid using towel, or if you need to use a fresh clean towel. Do not scrub dry or drag towel along skin).
    • Follow with a skin toner to get back your skin acidity and completely take off any excess dirt or cleanser.
    • Apply toner after you clean your face using a Cleansing Milk or Face Wash Liquid.
    • Use a Facial scrub at least twice a week (not recommended for a red & swollen skin or skin with pustules or papules. Wait until all the severe acne gone and you can start using the facial scrub.
    • 5-10 pump toner onto your palm or directly spray to your face (use the water-based non-alcohol and non-perfumed toner).
    • Apply it to your face and neck.

  • 10 to 15 minutes facial massage: Type 1
    • Take about two teaspoon of the oil into the palm and begin with the base of the throat gently massaging in upwards motion. Massage gently with alternate hands. Slowly progress towards your jaw line to the base of your ears.
    • Massage in circular motion into the cheeks and ears gently.
    • Then, beginning from the inner part of the eyes, gently tap the eyes with the fingers and move slowly towards the outer edge.
    • With the fingers, carefully massage gentle strokes outwards the forehead starting from the center. Continue by using both the hands and thus end up circular strokes over the forehead and temples.
    • The same steps are to be repeated 5 times each day. By this time, the entire oil might have been absorbed into the skin. Thus the need of wiping off the oil is not necessary.

  • Massage: Type 2
    Massaging needs excess of oil for the fingers to glide onto the skin. The environment also plays an important role as always select a calm and quite atmosphere. The pressure could be made even by using the middle as well as the ring fingers. Never be harsh on the skin as each and every stroke has to be slow, gentle and soft. The massaging rhythm has to be in a tune and depending on the breathing movements. With the progressing of massage, the pace also should be slowed down.

  • Steps involved in the facial massage:
    • The first step starts with the center of the forehead, complete six circular movements across the brow. Repeat the same procedure three times. The ending up of the massage should in such a way that a gentle and soft pressure is applied at the temples with three counts. The pressure points could be easily located at the small depression present between the bones which are in the temples. This massage helps a lot to prevent the formation of any kind of horizontal lines.
    • The next aim is towards the nose; start with the inner hollow of the eye by sliding the fingers along the sides of the nose. The left hand should be used to massage the right side of the nose and right hand for the left side of the nose. This has to be repeated three times as this prevents in the appearance of horizontal lines seen on the nose.
    • Massaging around the nostrils helps in unclogging the pores thus prevents the occurrences of blackheads, white heads & scars. While working upwards, always exert extra pressure & repeat same about six times.
    • A gentle massage around the corners of the lips will help in improving the lines also the sagging present at the corners. This should be done by outward and upward movement and has to be repeated three times.
    • Outward massage from the chin to the earlobes helps to prevent sagging of the cheeks. The entire massage should be completed in six circular strokes thus keeping a focus over the jaw line. This massage has to be repeated three times and the step has to be ended by pressing at the pressure points present at the temples.
    • Massaging around the eyes helps in preventing the sagging around the eyes and also the formation of wrinkles. It reduces the puffiness and dark circles which are present around the eyes. The first step is to press the pressure points which lie below the brow bone just below the inner eyebrows and count for three. Then massage once around the eyes and from the same starting point count for six. This has to be repeated three times. End up by massaging very gently over the eyelids and finally press at the temples.
    • To prevent the sagging and the development of horizontal lines in neck, massaging from the collar bone to the base of the chin proved to be very helpful. The stiffness and the tension that is created at the nape are lessened. The neck massage has to be carried out with the palms of the hand. As the massage progresses, both the hands has to be used alternatively. The entire massage should be completed with six strokes outwards and six inwards. While slipping to the center of the neck, the pressure has to be increased slightly while moving outward.
    • Muscles in the chin could be toned to prevent sagging. Movement similar to that of the scissors should be done by grasping the chin with the index as well as with the middle finger along the jaw. The next step is to slowly move the fingers along the jaw length. Place the index finger under the jaw and with the help of side of the index finger and thumb, give a gentle massage to the back of right ear. Alternate hands as the massage progress and repeat the same six times.
    • Ear is one of the important parts which promote and maintain the overall balance of the body as the pressure points are stimulated thus sending the reflexes are send to different parts of the body. For this spiral upward motion is followed with the thumb and index finger by counting from five. On counting the next number, the thumb has to be slid along the jaw downwards by keeping the finger as close to the ear as possible. Then the same movement has to be done backwards to the earlobe thus stimulating different pressure points present in the area. The same procedure has to be repeated three times.

  • Scrubing:
    • Take scrub in your hand apply from neck to chin and whole face.
    • Leave it on your face for 10 mins, after 10 minutes massage with your fingers allow it to sit for 5 minutes.
    • Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

  • Mask:
    • Apply scrub to your face and neck with applicator. Take care not to tug the skin, and avoid the eye area.
    • Splash your face with cool water, concentrating on the areas where your pores are quite large. Dry your skin with a soft towel.

  • Toner:
    • Apply toner after you clean your face using a Cleansing Milk or Face Wash Liquid OR in facial after mask.
    • 5-10 pump toner onto your palm or directly spray to your face (use the water-based non-alcohol and non-perfumed toner). Or you can apply toner with cotton pad on your face and neck.
    • Pat the toner upward on the face using both hands alternately. Making sure every step you push your skin upwardly to eliminate wrinkle.
    • Next, imagine being able to be happy and get back your smooth, acne free, wrinkle-free and vibrant looking skin. Discover the secret to acne free skin.

  • Moisturizer:
    After the cleansing, rinsing, steaming and toning, your face is now ready to get moisturized. Thus, apply a good amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck. This is important in keeping your skin soft and supple and your complexion even. One moisturizer you can use, during your monthly facials or even during your daily beauty regimen.

    • Wash your hands and face as usual.
    • Put a nickel-sized dollop of moisturizer on your hand.
    • Spread the moisturizer in your hands.
    • Wipe your face with your hands, rubbing the moisturizer all over your face. Use firm, upward strokes, particularly around the neck and jaw line.
    • Keep rubbing your face gently until the moisturizer has been absorbed into your skin.
    •  If you are applying moisturizer to other parts of your body, follow the same step.

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