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Wedding Celebration

Wedding Celebration
You and I, who belong to various sections of the middle class, are still managing to maintain a relatively comfortable life style. Don’t ask me how.
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Source:  Naushaba Burney
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  • I did tell my cook to use a little less of barhi illaichi in his cooking after buying a packet containing 12 or so of the stuff for Rs. 65.

  • Imagine! A single large black cardamom costing 5 rupees and we carelessly throw in a handful when making pullao, kebabs and such. Think about it: that is over 25 rupees for just one kind of spice. Yet I haven’t been to a wedding where a rice and meat dish enriched with black cardamoms and a wealth of other equally pricey spices is not served.

  • In fact, these days the food at weddings is getting fancier, with fried prawns and lots of other such delectable luxuries for the guests to enjoy. I actually love the elegant decorations and abundance of fresh flowers that modern event managers dazzle the thousand and more guests with.

  • Financial experts claim that if the wealthy regularly paid the income tax due on their riches, they’d find it very difficult to splurge so lavishly and so consistently at marriages and other celebrations. Judging by the spate of recent marriages, unlimited expenditure at such functions has become a matter of routine.

  • Since most magnificent Pakistanis tend to attend Friday prayers for their own reasons, perhaps the mosque pesh imams should order them to pay up. The fact is that every year finds us more religious and devout than before. Look at nationwide exuberant Eid-e-Miladun Nabi celebrations this Rabi ul Awwal. What with lighting up the whole country, taking out religious rallies & rejoicing at home and on the streets, we outdid ourselves. If the mosque mullahs and pesh imams were to remind the namazis to pay their income tax to help improve the country’s financial situation, it just might work. Threats from the tax revenue people have never done the trick.

  • I guess the ever-growing number of weddings, that now-a-days cross all limits as they reach for over-the-top sumptuousness, do provide jobs for countless artisans, cooks, tailors and other workers. So let’s agree that it’s better to splurge and spend than stash wealth away in Swiss banks and other investments abroad.

  • Today’s brides, thank heaven, are so trendy and elegant that at first glance the uninitiated may get the wrong idea. Ah! The bride hasn’t been wildly extravagant and profligate, throwing away lakhs & lakhs on her get-up.

  • Well, let me assure readers that style & chic may convey an air of simplicity in compare to heavy traditional zarq barq gota & dabka jorhas worn until recently by fashionable brides. Actually, even today, some dulhans prefer the time-honored glittering ghagrahs & lehngas, however, it is neither easy nor inexpensive to achieve the modishness and élan that modern brides demand. Their costs also can go through the roof, especially if the bride goes in for designer bridal outfits.

  • Organizing the groom’s outfit used to be a simple and reasonably-priced matter yesterday and even today. But why shouldn’t the poor fellow also doll up? Designers of men’s clothing have begun to produce strikingly eye-catching outfits for the bridegroom. As you can imagine, their costs are no longer manageable, and are in fact reaching for the sky.

  • Then there is the matter of jewellery, a sector that like everything else has also been transformed. The loveli-est jewellery to my mind now is the one that flaunts gemstones. Flashing reds, blues, greens and mauves are a wonderful alternative to the heavy gold jewellery brides used to be laden with. Pure silver jewellery has caught on as have several replacements for gold, whatever they may be.

  • The funniest thing about weddings these days are the invitations. Instead of the standard dignified cards that were sent to guests, you now receive large boxes. Inside are envelopes, with elaborate drawings or paintings on them. Inside which are wrappers which when unwrapped finally reveal message about the wedding. These invitations are getting so elaborate and ornate that one wonders what message the bridal couple’s families are trying to convey. And from some magnificent weddings you come away with “goody bags” containing a bit of halwa to sweeten your mouth.

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