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Articles >> Kitchen Garden articles > How to Grow Tomatoes - Kitchen Garden

How to Grow Tomatoes - Kitchen Garden

How to Grow Tomatoes - Kitchen Garden
This week in kitchen garden we growing Tomatoes and providing great tips for beginners!
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  • Follow these simple steps to grow tomatoes, and I can guarantee with a little patience and perseverance you will be delighted with the results!

  • Whilst it might be freezing cold wherever you maybe, it should not deter you from gardening, as it is simple to plant tomato seeds inside. 

  • Follow these simple steps:

  • First fill two small pots with good quality compost (soil). Water the compost with tap water and leave it to drain.

  • Place approximately five seeds on the surface of the damp compost, spacing them evenly in the pot. Take your time, as this can be a fiddly job. Then sprinkle a thin, even layer of fine compost over the seeds, ensuring they're not disturbed


  • Cover each pot with cling film - creating a mini-propagator, which keeps the compost damp and aids germination.Place pots on a window sill in plenty of light (where the plant can get maximum sunlight). Aim to keep the room at 21°-25°C while the seeds germinate.

  • Tomato seeds will take 8 days to germinate, then the seed leaves (the first two leaves of a plant!) will appear once these leaves fully develop then remove the root ball (network of roots) from the pot and gently separate each plant with a pencil.

  • In a new pot containing multi-purpose compost, make planting holes with your pencil. Then, holding each seedling by its leaves, gently tease the roots into the planting hole. Firm the soil around each plant and water.

  • As your plant grows, stick a cane stick near the root of the plant carefully, and loosely tie up the main stem so that the plant can get full support.

  • As the season advances remove yellowing leaves from the tomato plant.

  • Water regularly to keep the compost moist, but once flowers appear lessen your watering, but don’t let the soil get too dry.

  • If possible give tomato feed once a week. 

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Comments posted by users for How to Grow Tomatoes - Kitchen Garden

  1. i lives in one house in garden town Lahore and i which to make a kitchen garden for growing the vegetabels for our own use. I need advice , how to srart.Khalil Malik 0300

    on Aug 23 2015 9:39PM Report Abuse KHALIL AHMAD MALIK
  2. ii am house wife fond of planting this year i planted tomato in a pot my plant start growing and have flowered but there is still no fruit init please guide me what to do next thank u

    on Jun 30 2015 12:07AM Report Abuse SHAHEEN
  3. how can we fine tomato seeds

    on Mar 14 2015 7:04PM Report Abuse KOMAL SHOAIB

    on Mar 7 2015 12:17PM Report Abuse KHALID MALIK
  5. any idea where i can get veg and fruit seeds in karachi..kinda new at this

    on Sep 17 2012 11:26AM Report Abuse SADIA DESAI
  6. I hope to succeed.

    on Sep 3 2012 12:32AM Report Abuse MUHAMMAD AYYUB
  7. That was a nice explanation...will it work in mumbai's conditions?

    on Aug 16 2012 8:55AM Report Abuse PRATIK NARSIKAR
  8. Oh ThanX Kitchen .................. I"ll sure i will be Eat tomato Of my Kitchen Garden in Sammar .Inasha Allah. Are you Agree with me

    on Nov 11 2011 1:14PM Report Abuse DR.TAYAB RIZWAN
  9. plz let me know at what distaance garlic, onion and tomatp seeds be swon also how much water and at what time must be given, thank you

    on Oct 26 2011 3:16AM Report Abuse PARVEEN RAZAQ
  10. well you dont need any special thing for growing tomatoes. i am growing tomatoes at home and they started fruiting in 5 months. simple i just took a tomato (as i didnt find seeds anywhere in karachi.)or normal jo khad hoti hay jo har nursery per aasani se miljati hay usme daba diya or gallery me rakh diya. after 2 week poda nikal aya wo zara bara ho to bech me danda laga den takay pode sahare se barh saken 4 mahine me hi phool aajaenge. and pani ziyada diya karen then jab phool ajaen to aik week pani chorden khali subha me aik glass pani diya karen tab tak jab tak flower fruit na banjaen and bas hogaya kaam

    on Feb 8 2010 7:09AM Report Abuse Guest
  11. Hw to grow garlic

    on Feb 2 2010 11:11PM Report Abuse Guest
  12. My tomato plant is flowering....but no fruit yet. what could be the reason?

    on Jan 28 2010 6:54PM Report Abuse Guest
  13. Good Show. I will be waiting for growing in home more kitchen vegetables. Allh Hafiz Bashir

    on Jan 27 2010 6:04AM Report Abuse Guest
  14. Nice but i thought tomatoes need shade that is why they hide their fruit???

    on Jan 24 2010 9:09AM Report Abuse EEYA
  15. feed kia hota hai aur kha se milega

    on Jan 24 2010 7:58AM Report Abuse Guest
  16. what if you don't have a big garden

    on Jan 22 2010 6:34AM Report Abuse Guest
  17. Can one plant individual seeds? It would sound better to me. And once the seed leaves are visible, does the plant need as much sunlight? One last thing, where can I see the response to my query?

    on Jan 22 2010 5:37AM Report Abuse Guest
  18. i have been trying to grow tomatoes in pots but hve not ben successful, can you tell me wha ti sright proportion of soil and cow manure that should be mixed so that the plants grow healthy? thank you

    on Jan 22 2010 4:46AM Report Abuse Guest
  19. Can the pots be of plastic or is it recommended to use earth pots?

    on Jan 22 2010 12:43AM Report Abuse Guest
  20. In our new house, as we are learning gardening, We have decided to plant a little garden patch for fruits and flowers - we were just considering planting tomatoes when we read this - it was like someone had heard us and given this message. Thanks. Aanchal (9 years)

    on Jan 21 2010 8:04PM Report Abuse Guest
  21. Thank you so much.--- I sure love gardening, --- the above procedure seems so simple.--- I am going to try it.--- However , will any good fertilizer do??, don't think I will get special tomato feed.- Thank you .

    on Jan 21 2010 12:51PM Report Abuse Guest
  22. Good start. But What is feed? Please mention for beginners to use tomato fertilizer. Also size of pot is important depending on type. I have seen One plant per large pot. They need space.

    on Jan 21 2010 11:45AM Report Abuse Guest
  23. Wow ... i wish go back home now itself and start the process. Thanks

    on Jan 21 2010 3:42AM Report Abuse Guest
  24. thanx mai ab try karongi isi tarha se

    on Jan 21 2010 1:39AM Report Abuse Guest

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