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Blessings of Fasting Ramadan Special

Blessings of Fasting Ramadan Special
Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic Hijri year, a month of blessings as devils are leashed in this month and door of heavens are opened. Muslims do fasting in the whole month which called Fasting of Ramadan.
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  • Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic Hijri year, a month of blessings as devils are leashed in this month and door of heavens are opened. Muslims do fasting in the whole month which called Fasting of Ramadan. Fasting abstain us from food and drink from dawn to sunset. In this month heart of a Muslim feel humble, fear of Allah, love and care for people and sympathetic to whom suffers in hardships and problems. Fasting teaches us to abstain from personal needs, feeding the poor, helping the miserable so a man develops his inclination for charity, and makes him taste the sweetness of obedience to the lord. We do this for the sake of almighty Allah and Allah promise to give us a special reward for this obedience. The Prophet (S A W) stated, “In paradise, there are eight gates among, which is a gate called al-Rayyan only those will enter who fast”.

  • Fasting has many healthy benefits to make us a humble person. Have a look on them.

  • Social Benefits

  • It is an effective lesson in applied moderation, willpower and patience. The religious community is an important concept of Islam, and one obvious benefit of fast in Ramadan is that it unites the whole Muslim world in one action. All obedient Allah to get His glory, no matter where in the world you live in, whether you are male, female, rich, poor, black or white. At the time of keeping and breaking fast all family members gather at one place, which seems rare now in everyday life.

  • Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

  • Awareness of Allah

  • Fasting teaches the Muslim to restrain himself from sins more generally. While fasting it may be possible to sneak away and eat in private, but anyone knows that Allah sees everything he does. So, no Muslim does this by fear of Allah.

  • Self Control

  • Eleven months of the year, we eat and drink, but in the month of Ramadan, we renew self-control and habit modulation in resisting our desire instead of becoming slaves to them. In fasting, we beat our hunger and thirst and keep all of desires under control. In everyday life people commit sins and crimes by losing control on desires. This blessing month instructs those who fast the proper way to control over them.

  • Punctuality and Time Management

  • Fasting in Ramadan teaches us a lesson of punctuality and time management. We follow a particular schedule in the observance of fasts and offering of prayer. This is in long run, develops in us a wise sense of time management and ability to defeat the hardships of life. 

  • Courage and Patience

  • Fasting build up courage; patience and a fighting spirit in a man to handle the heavy odds in life with a cool mind. It sharpens his will power to beat obstacles, through a vigorous exercise throughout the month, lead him to find best solution of his problems.

  • Self Analysis

  • Any one of you observes ever that the month of Ramadan give we time for self analysis. We get a mental break and to temporarily forget about every day problems. This unique month gives us an opportunity to think about our own self, our deeds, our future and our family. 

  • Physical Benefits of Fasting

  • Fasting is good not only for our soul, but also has tremendous benefits for our bodies.

  • Rest of Digestive System

  • Students learn for several months continuously, and then they get summer vocations. Employees work for six days of week and get a day to rest. Our stomach and the digestive organs also require rest which they get in month of Ramadan. The time length and nature of the Islamic fast all contribute to its overall positive effect. Fasting allows the body to concentrate on getting rid of harmful dietary toxins accumulated as natural by products of food digestion throughout the year.

  • Overcoming on Bad Habits

  • One of the main health benefits of fasting is that it is the ideal way for people to give up bad eating habits and other bad habits like smoking. It is observed that many hard breaking habit people more easily left over in Ramadan which finds difficult to break in other times.

  • Helpful in Diseases

  • In fact, fasting has been proven medically to be effective for certain diseases such as stress and tension, hypertension, migraine, overweight and insomnia.

  • Dear readers, my purpose to write on this topic is not that you just read this stuff and turn the page. Stop a while and think that the virtues of fasting are numerous. If the lesson learned during Ramadan, are carried on after the month, their effects will be long lasting. Try to follow them for a lifelong result and to get Allah’s glory. May Allah bless all of us in this Holy month of Ramadan.

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