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Articles >> Health articles > Importance Of Water With Quick Drink Recipes

Importance Of Water With Quick Drink Recipes

Importance Of Water With Quick Drink Recipes
Clean drinking water is important for human health. As we all learned in school that each molecule of water is made up of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms chemical formula is H₂O.
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  • Water has remained the one sole and powerful center of flourishing civilizations. This simple drink may not seem to be of any particular importance unless we face a dearth or dire need of this. Whether we talk about the ancient civilizations or glimpse at the present day situation, the immense significance of water is hard to deny. Our body comprises 55% to 78% of water! And when water makes such an enormous portion of our bodily composition, it attains the status of a vital item for proper functioning and it cleans the body from toxic substances.

  • The season that is at present glaring at us is the famous, sizzling and scorching summer season. It is also the season of holidays and traveling. No matter how humid the climate gets the summer season paves way for exotic trips and vacations all around the world. So, ironically it’s a season both feared and awaited!

  • My article here focuses on the significance of water in times of travel to a humid country or when faced with dehydration. If you plan to land in for the summer trip to some humid and sunny country, like Pakistan, this article can provide you with simple ways to avoid the downside adverse effects.

  • Dehydration - How to Stay Cool

  • The 1st thing that ought to be clear is concept of dehydration. The term ‘dehydration’ implies an excessive loss of water from the body, accompanied with dizziness, thirst etc. Now this problem is one of the most prevalent problems in humid climatic countries. One thing that is compulsory at all times is drinking ample water! Now by this do not misperceive that by intake of water you have eliminated all chances of dehydration. You need to limit the caffeine consumption as well. Cut off your tea, coffee or fizzy drink intake. Now as we hear that 12 glass of waters is a must to have for proper healthy functioning. I would suggest you to keep a more keen check on your water intake. Do not wait until your lungs and throat is shrieking with thirst! Drink half glass water, every 40 minutes. This will not only keep you on safe sides but you will also feel the vigor and the energy to enjoy your holidays!

  • Now, I am talking about ‘WATER’ but what sort of water to drink?

  • It is obviously everywhere! Now I am sure we all are confining our imagination to drinkable and seemingly clean sources of water. As far as traveling to other countries is concerned, I would strongly recommend drinking bottled mineral water! But let’s suppose you do not have the supply of market-mineral water, and then you can take water from an apparent clean or drinkable source and purify it with purifying drops or a herb ‘phitkari’. You can also filter it. Because, since you are not native to that particular country the water of that region may not suit you and once you fell weak, all sorts of ailment can take advantage! And not to mention, about the disappointment in terms of a fun filled vacation.

  • Ways to Consume Water

  • But as I am primarily stressing upon keeping body sufficiently hydrated, you can achieve this by consuming other liquid food or drinks as well. Drink fresh juices and consume the seasonal fruits. Watermelon is a wonderful fruit; it’s delicious and is rich in water content. So GO AHEAD and eat lots of such food. Coconut water is also wonderfully refreshing.

  • Our brain cells need large amount of glucose all time to function actively. So, be extra cautious in summers, especially if you are traveling and do not want to miss a tiny bit of fun. As, I have already suggested drink fresh juices and sugary drinks. Smoothies and ice cream shakes are also good choices. You can eat all sorts of sweet desserts too. And take it as y rule of thumb, when you are feeling grumpy and lazy, without any particular reason, try eating sugar! And most of the times you will feel better and revitalized. This does not mean that you keep eating sugar even if it’s not working! Go and see the doctor, if you feel really nauseated for long!

  • How to Survive in the Heat

  • Now about other things, you must make sure you have your sun block along! And wear clothes that are made of natural fabric. Avoid using a lot of cosmetics. You must also choose your hair style according to the hot weather. Avoiding oily food and much meat or spices also helps in sustaining through a humid, hot and sunny travel. Eat salads, cucumber and yogurt.

  • Take good care of yourself, if you want to enjoy your vacations to the fullest!

  • Quick Beverage Recipes

  • Italian Strawberry Water Ice: A Yummy Chilled Italian Recipe

  • Ingredients

  • Sugar 2 cups

  • Water 1 cup

  • Fresh ripe strawberries (rinsed and hulled) 4 pints

  • Orange juice 1/3 cup

  • Lemon juice 1/4 cup

  • Cooking Direction

  • Add sugar and water in a saucepan, stir till boiling. Boil 5 minutes and then cool it down. Blend the strawberries. Add blended strawberries, orange juice and lemon juice to the sugar syrup and mix them well. Pour in trays and put in the refrigerator for freezing. Remove the trays 45 minutes before the serving time. This is to soften the ice a bit. Now spoon it out in any drink that you are having or enjoy them alone!

  • Rose Sherbet: Wonderfully Refreshing Drink!

  • Ingredients

  • Sugar 750 g

  • Citric acid (lemon or orange juice) 3/4 tsp

  • Rose essence 1 tsp

  • Water 4.5 cups

  • Cooking Direction

  • Add sugar and water in a saucepan and boil them to make syrup. Now dissolve citric acid in it. Remove the pan from stove and let it cool. Now add rose essence in it. You can store it in corked sterilized bottles too.

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