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Articles >> How To? articles > The Beautiful You! Skin Care, Hand and Foot Care and more

The Beautiful You! Skin Care, Hand and Foot Care and more

The Beautiful You! Skin Care, Hand and Foot Care and more
Being beautiful has its benefits so here are few ways to be beautiful.
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  • 1. Skincare
    The two important skin problems we should be careful about are:

  • Sensitive skin/eczema: Most people who suffer from sensitive skin are allergic to an ingredient in something they are putting on their body. Such as fragrances and preservatives, found in soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, nail polish etc. You should try to reverse some of the allergens.

  • Acne: Exfoliate to get rid of the dead layer of skin that can clog pores. The oils in our skin and bacteria can cause acne, your daily skincare program should include:

  • Simple soap: Go for a soap that has no fragrance or preservative in it. For e.g., olive oil, water and salt and nothing else.

  • Vitamin A cream: Use this cream and apply in the evening, let it dry and wear it to bed. Vitamin A (also called Retinol A) can reverse some of the signs of aging. It decreases oil production in the skin and decreases the dead layer of cells on the face of the skin and fades brown spots.

  • Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen in the morning if you will buy just one skincare product, make it a sunscreen. Ultraviolet light will prematurely age your skin. The sunscreen should contain tit anium or zinc oxide or else it will be absorbed into your skin which may be dangerous.

  • 2. Unwanted Hair
    Some women have hair above the lip or under the chin that they wax, tweeze or thread a few weeks. If the unwanted hair becomes a thick beard that covers a woman’s face, it could signal a serious condition such as polycystic ovary disease and she should see an endocrinologist immediately. For those women who want to remove the hair permanently, laser hair removal is the best solution, but it may not work for people with very light hair or very dark skin, you can also go for depilatories.

  • 3. Oral Hygiene
    Protect your teeth in the following ways:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with the brush angled into gums. Floss once a day.
    Whiter teeth naturally with at-home products. Fight bad breath. Use a tongue scraper to remove some of the bacteria that causes the smell and talk with your dentist.

  • Stop grinding your teeth. Continuous practice of this can lead to wearing down of teeth and widening the face. The muscles under the jaw enlarge.

  • Protect your lips by using lip balm of gloss made withy sunscreen year round. Lips can get sun burned in the winter just as in summer. Choose lip gloss or balm made with beeswax.

  • 4. Hand And Foot Care
    Massage your feet. There are parts of your body that need a massage and are influenced such as spine organs, sinus and shoulders can all benefit from a great foot massage and you feel beautiful and good.

  • 5. Body Shape
    Eat right and work out. Work out for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week will help you stay in shape. Eat light, healthy diet.

  • 6. Energy
    Sleep well, 8 hours of sleep is must and you will look and feel good and energetic.

  • 7. Satisfaction
    It’s very important to feel satisfied within yourself and for this it is important that you stay stress free. Improve your relation ships with your loved ones and have a successful career. Successful career does not mean the one which pays well but the one that makes you happy. For this pick a career you are passionate about.

  • 8. Stay Healthy
    Have a thorough medical checkup with your doctor and try to stay fit and healthy.

  • 9. Stay Happy
    Be positive and generous feel empathy, find authenticity, embrace emotion, explore spirituality and understand happiness.

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