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Wake Up Happier!

Wake Up Happier!
To wake up fresh you need to get a good sleep and one of the best ways to ruin a good sleep is to upset your gut. When you’re tired in the morning, it’s tempting to hop into a hot shower and let the steam ease you into the day.
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Source:  Stacey Derbinshire
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  • Weddings, studies, insomnia, there are days when morning just comes way too early. But before you reach for a strong cup of tea try these tips for looking and feeling awake and refreshed:

  • When you’re tired in the morning, it’s tempting to hop into a hot shower and let the steam ease you into the day. But that’s actually going to make things worse. Hot water increases swelling and accentuates puffy bags. Instead, hold a washcloth soaked in cold water over your eyes for a few minutes. Cold helps shrink inflammation and puffiness and will help shrink veins in your eyes so they’ll look less bloodshot. Plus, the invigorating temperature will help wake you up.

  • Overnight, the skin around your eyes can become dehydrated and appear wrinkly. Apply an eye cream as soon as possible to help moisturize this fragile skin. Look for one that’s oil-free and contains hyaluronic acid, keep it in the fridge for extra defense against puffiness.

  • Concealer is key for covering up the dark circles and blotchiness that betray a lack of sleep, but faking a fresh, alert look requires an added dose of brightness to compensate for drooping pencil to the inner rim of your eyes, to counteract redness and make your eyes appear whiter and brighter. Also apply a highlighter underneath your eyebrows and just under your eyes on your cheekbones, to brighten up your complexion. Just wear eyeliner on your upper lids and lashes. This visually lifts your eyes drawing attention away from dark circles and fine lines under the eye.

  • If you know you’re going to have a long night and an early morning, avoid eating any salty foods after 6:00 pm. Sodium makes you retain water and if you get bloated and then lie down, the water will redistribute to your face, including your eyelids. The result: bags and droopy lips that are a clear sign you didn’t get enough shut-eye.

  • For a great glow, you want to get your heart higher than your head in a mild inversion. It encourages circulation, which promotes a healthy glow besides quieting your mind, which reduces stress. (Wall Hang: stand with your back a few inches away from a wall. With your feet shoulder distance apart, rest your butt on the wall and fold forward at the hips, allowing your torso and head to dangle toward the floor. Hold on to opposite elbows and let the weight of your arms elongate your spine. Stay for five deep breaths, then release your arms and curl up through the spine to return to a standing position. Backbends: a simple one is clasping your hands behind your back, straightening your back, straightening your arms and reaching your fists toward the ground. As your do that, lift the chest so that your upper spine arches back slightly.)

  • Certain scents stimulate the brain and can make you feel more awake and refreshed. Three that do the trick: jasmine, which increases beta waves (the brain waves associated with alertness), citrus and peppermint scents, which induce wakefulness by stimulating the trigeminal nerve (the some nerve that’s activated when you’re revived with smelling salts). So peel and eat an orange for breakfast, deeply inhale as you drink a cup of peppermint tea, or lather up with a citrus-scented body wash in the shower. You’ll feel alert.

  • A jarring, blaring alarm doesn’t help you feel more alert-that terrible sound just annoys anyone in its radius. For a more natural way to wake, find a device that can simulate sunlight. On dark morning, waking to a light-filled room seems to help people find the right side of the bed.

  • Set your favorite blooms on your nightstand or dresser (anywhere your nightstand or dresser (anywhere you can see them as you open your eyes). According to the findings of a study, keeping fresh flowers in your home can make you feel more energetic, enthusiastic and happy at work.

    Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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