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Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipes for Damaged Hair

Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipes for Damaged Hair
You might have come across hair masks or masques while shopping for beauty or personal care products. They usually come in jars or tubs and have a thick, paste like consistency and are meant for dry or damaged hair.
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  • What is a Hair Mask?

  • You might have come across hair masks or masques while shopping for beauty or personal care products. They usually come in jars or tubs and have a thick, paste like consistency and are meant for dry or damaged hair.
    Like deep conditioners, hair masks help to moisturize your hair and depending on their formulation, may add shine, volume, bounce or a combination of the three. The great thing about many hair masks is that they are very easy to prepare at home and require only simple ingredients that are easily available. Unlike commercial products, homemade hair masks for damaged hair do not add any product build up or residue to your scalp.

  • Natural Hair Care

  • In the subcontinent, the most common homemade hair masks for damaged hair are usually made from yoghurt, eggs or a hair oil such as olive, coconut or amla oil. A variety of ingredients are added into these “bases” to customize them to suit the requirements of different individuals. Spices such as turmeric or sandalwood may be used or blended fruits such as bananas or strawberries. Lemon juice and honey are often added to lighten the hair color. The former also adds shine while the latter is known to be generally beneficial for the hair in terms of nourishing, moisturizing and strengthening it.

  • Top 3 Homemade Hair Masks

  • What follows are our top picks of homemade hair mask that have easily available ingredients and are known to be genuinely effective for damaged hair.

  • 1. Egg And Yoghurt Hair Mask Recipe for Dry or Damaged Hair

  • This homemade hair mask for damaged hair typically comes in several variations but the most basic one involves:
    ½ cup yogurt (ideally regular or natural yogurt but if you have diet or Greek that should work too)
    1 egg (ideally regular eggs but organic, free range, cage free, pastured or any other variety should work too)
    You may choose to blend together the yoghurt and egg but ideally you should mix them in a bowl with a spoon or fork. The egg and yogurt hair mask needs to be applied for longer than most hair masks, an hour is standard, though you may keep it on for longer (at most two hours) or shorter (at least twenty minutes) periods.
    A key point to remember is to wash this hair mask off with tepid, cool or cold water only, this is to avoid “cooking” any of the egg mixture in your hair. Use a basic shampoo to help remove the egg smell from your hair.
    The egg and yogurt hair mask helps to improve moisture balance, adds shine and is also considered an effective treatment for dandruff. You may add in honey, lemon juice (tends to dry out your hair), blended fruits, mayonnaise, olive oil or almond oil to this hair mask recipe to tailor it to your hair care needs. Yogurt based homemade hair masks are typically advised for summer use as yogurt has a cooling effect.

  • 2. Milk And Honey Hair Mask Recipe for Damaged Hair

  • This hair mask recipe is really simple to prepare and helps moisturize dry hair while also adding shine, making it softer and healthier.

  • 1 glass of milk
    1 tbsp of honey

  • Mix the honey into the milk until it dissolves completely, and then simply applies the mixture to your hair. Combing your hair before doing applying this hair mask helps ensure there are no tangles. You may make your task easier by applying it in batches by separating or sectioning your hair into plaits. You may of course alter the quantities in this hair mask recipe to suit the amount of hair you have to cover. If you are short on milk, you can mix the honey into water instead of milk. This homemade hair mask recipe needs to be applied for twenty to thirty minutes and can then be washed off with lukewarm or tepid water.

  • 3. Banana Smoothie Hair Mask Recipe for Damaged Hair

  • This is no different than preparing a regular smoothie or milk shake but can be remarkably good for your hair.
    1 banana (medium sized, may be slightly ripe as long as it is not spoiled)
    ½ cup of milk
    3 tbsp of almond oil

  • With this hair mask recipe, you have to ensure that the banana is blended thoroughly or you may notice little chunks of banana left in your hair after you wash your hair. People with fine hair will be particularly susceptible to this problem. The simplest solution is to blend the banana and milk in a blender then stir in the almond oil after.
    This homemade hair mask recipe is very flexible, you can add ½ an avocado to it, you can switch almond oil for EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), and you can even switch the milk with ½ a cup of yogurt or buttermilk. You may also add an egg or a tablespoon of honey to this hair mask recipe.
    The resulting mixture should be a thick creamy paste which you need to leave in your hair for twenty to thirty minutes. You can wash out this hair mask with a basic or moisturizing shampoo. It may help to comb your hair before applying this hair mask to make washing it out easier.

  • Why Use Homemade Hair Masks at All?

  • All these homemade hair masks essentially act as conditioners and immediately moisturize your hair. Typically, hair masks are used as a home hair remedy for damaged hair resulting from hair styling. If you use hair irons, relaxers, hair colors or get perms then you are likely well aware of the resulting hair damage. These recipes for homemade hair masks will help your hair recover and once more become your crowning glory.

  • We recommend using these hair mask recipes to treat your hair once a week to get healthy, smooth and shiny hair. All three of these homemade hair mask recipes are suitable for all hair types – smooth to coarse, straight to kinky and for all hair colors as well.

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  • Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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