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Broiling Cooking Technique

Broiling Cooking Technique
Broiling cooking technique reduces fat and cooks in half the time or less, as compared to other traditional food preparation methods.
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  • What is broiling?

  • Broiling, in its most primitive form, involves cooking food via direct heat by placing the food above or below the heat source. The heat source can be coals, a fire, the oven coils or another heat supply. The meat or food is left uncovered and exposed to intense heat, which locks in the flavors, keeping every bite tasty and savory.

  • Broiling offers chefs of all experience levels a great way to separate the fat from the meat. A broiling pan kept beneath the roasting pan itself will collect the juices and fat that drains from the meat. Some studies show that broiling foods may not be the best form of preparation for your health, and that it is especially discouraged for those with diabetes, but in moderation, broiling can add a flavorful change to your diet. This change is especially welcome if you can swap deep fried items for broiled, grilled or barbequed meals.

  • Some of the best foods to broil include thinly sliced meats and fish filets.
    Hint: Consider marinating the foods before broiling them for added flavor! Other delectable dishes to broil may consist of vegetables, pork, lamb, chicken, steak, shrimp, scallops, salmon, bluefish and lobster tail, just to name a few.

  • Broiling is similar to grilling, as they are both by direct heat. The key difference between grilling and broiling is the thermostat on the oven. It is important to pay careful attention to the doneness of your meats and foods while cooking, as broiling is one of the quickest ways to prepare these products.

  • Tips for Broiling

  • • Preheat the broiler and pan.

  • • Remove excess fat from the cut of meat prior to cooking.

  • • For easier clean-up, use a nonstick cooking spray to coat the broiling pan.

  • • Thinner cuts of meat should be placed closer to the heat source while thicker ones should be stationed farther away to prevent charring the outside while the inside remains uncooked.

  • • Do not forget to turn the food over or rotate it to ensure that all sides are equally cooked.

  • • If you choose to use a basting liquid, warm it up prior to basting the meat. This will also help speed the cooking and browning process.

  • • For more tender foods, pour a cup of water in the broiling pan to absorb smoke and grease while tenderizing the meats.

  • • Keep an oven mitt on hand and remain in proximity to the oven while broiling your meal. Foods can burn quickly or even catch fire if not properly monitored.

  • Different kinds of broiler pans are available for purchase so that you can begin experimenting with your newfound cooking style. Stainless steel pans are very durable and will last you many a meal. The smooth surface of these pans also allows for easy cleaning. Nonstick broilers though not as durable offer a quick and easy clean up session. Just drop them in some warm, soapy water and gently buff away food residue with a nylon scrubber.

  • Reduce the amount of fat in your meals by broiling your food as often as you like. Add some vegetables, potatoes and meats and reap the compliments from your family friends or dinner guests.

  • Page through old cookbooks, swap recipes with friends or search online for a tasty new dish. Try broiling as a change for your family meals and surprise your loved ones with a delicious new menu.

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