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Articles >> Diet articles > Pack Zest, Crunch and Colour on Your Plate

Pack Zest, Crunch and Colour on Your Plate

Pack Zest, Crunch and Colour on Your Plate
Chive Som’s key to healthy eating for life…proving that nutritious food can be a gourmet experience.
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Source:  Aamna Haider Isani
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  • Post holiday blues include realizing how much sugar, starch and fat you’ve packed in your body and how many hours of exercise you’ve sacrificed for partying. Although a post-party catharsis is vital, the ideal way of life, as introduced in ‘The Art of Healthy Eating and Living with Chive-Som’ motivates one to take up a holistic way of life permanently.

  • On all levels, this means finding ways to strike a harmonious balance between the mind, body and soul. In our busy lives, we tend to get sucked into a routine in which we pay attention to everything but ourselves. It’s vital to realize the importance of things we take for granted in life, like a glass of sparkling drinking water, a cleansing breathe of oxygen and a serene and stress free walk or some other fitness regime.

  • The book presents ways which ensure and uplift in the quality of our lives. It emphasizes on the power of sleep, the importance of exercise, ways to ease stress, how to maintain an ideal pulse rate, the healing power of water and most vital, and the holistic approach to eating. It outlines the rules of eating not merely to look or feel good for a certain evening or event, but for life.

  • ‘Life food is as fresh and as close to its natural state as possible’. What we eat should be alive, natural and whole. Overcooked and processed food loses all nutrients and replaces them with harmful byproducts of oxidation. Food that has been ‘refined’ is stripped of protective nutrients that shield us from diseases like cancer and heart problems. Cooking destroy more life giving nutrients than any thing, especially frying. Barbecuing and any other method that involves charring releases cancer-causing chemicals. The best methods of cooking are streaming, baking, grilling and stir-frying all of which preserve nutrients.

  • Just as important to what you eat is how you eat it. Most of us starve ourselves for the day at a stretch, too busy in our daily chores to bother, and then settle down to a rushed and hasty meal. Snacking in front of the TV, eating too fast, shoveling down food, and arguing over the dinner table all trigger off the release of stress hormones. These upset the digestive system, resulting in digestive disorders and accumulation of cholesterol in the blood stream. Eating slowly and calmly, in a quiet atmosphere is most recommended.

  • Eating the wrong food is as much a form of stress as anything else. A typical Western diet includes too much protein, too many refined and fast foods, too much fat and sugar and too many unhealthy stimulants such as tea, coffee and soft drinks. These types of foods create toxins in the body and slow down the system, leading to lethargy, weight gain and premature ageing.

  • Another misconception, that has become popular with the new high-protein diet plans, is that the more proteins we consume, the better. Far from being beneficial, too much protein depletes the tissues of minerals leading to an increased risk of problems such as diseased arteries and osteoporoses. Remember that a bowl of lentils with a flat bread made of whole wheat or rice will provide you with all the proteins you need without the fat you would get from a steak. Infact, the intake of red meat should be kept to a minimum of once a week, as it causes potentially harmful toxins to form in the bowel and is associated with kidney problems, high blood pressure and cancer.

  • The book deals in details with the myths involved with eating too many starches, the good and bad starches, good and bad fats, the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and the role salt should have in our daily diet. It also guides on how to eat out correctly, how to eat to lose weight, and finally, how to eat for longevity.

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