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The 50-50 Rule

The 50-50 Rule
Its an article that I am sure will be useful for all the couples out there!
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Source:  Afifa Jawwad Maniar
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  • Loving and

  • caring for someone is not difficult but keeping a relationship healthy is a two

  • way effort. KP! takes a look...

  • The first

  • question that crosses the mind whenever one has a fight with his/her partner

  • is, ‘Am I happy in my relationship?’ We all want to make our relationships work

  • so we can achieve happiness together for the rest of our lives. But how can one

  • improve a relationship? Being loving and caring about someone is not difficult

  • but keeping a relationship healthy is a two way effort. The couple in a

  • relationship becomes a ‘we’ and is connected to each other in a strong bond.

  • Unfortunately, relationships break down around us all the time, due to

  • misunderstandings that are caused. Most people go through life without

  • understanding the key essentials that can make or break their relationship and

  • how they can keep the baggage of bitterness out of their relationship. Read on

  • to find out ways that can help you strengthen your relationship.

  • Communication

  • The most

  • important aspect of a successful relationship is proper communication. In a

  • good relationship you and your partner should never feel uncomfortable talking

  • about anything. If you have argued over something, never go to sleep at night

  • without asking the other’s forgiveness. Also, many couples who argue have the

  • fear that their relationship is a mistake or a potential future disaster. Many

  • relationship psychologists have revealed that couples with a healthy level of

  • understanding identify and discuss the issues whereas couples who are unhappy

  • simply run away from their problems. By talking things out one can transform

  • one’s relationship into something special; a bond that is on a higher level.

  • Allow your partner to realise that you are an individual and should be treated

  • as an individual and offer your partner with the same respect.

  • Mutual Respect

  • Accept and

  • respect the likes and dislikes of your partner, and your partner should do the

  • same for you. Each person is allowed to have their own opinion, listen to what

  • the other person is saying and if you disagree, talk about it. Think about

  • giving your partner room to grow as an individual and do the same for yourself as

  • well. By giving them space to grow will add strength to your relationship.

  • Relationships are always based on the 50-50 rule. Do not be eager to have your

  • own way if you want to have a long and happy relationship. Make it your goal to

  • give in more than 50% of the time, and take pleasure in letting your partner

  • have his/her way as often as you can. Very closely listen to your partner

  • whenever he/she starts telling you where you are going wrong. Share ideas and

  • decisions regarding how your time and money will be spent, how finances should

  • be managed and how various circumstances should be dealt with. Never assume

  • that you know your partner’s thoughts, feelings, or desires. Do not assume your

  • partner understands you either. Always bring things out so there are no

  • misunderstandings and encourage your partner to do the same.

  • Being Positive

  • Never focus on each

  • other’s negativities. Always emphasise the positives and force yourself to

  • reflect upon them frequently. Avoid saying anything negative or critical about

  • your partner in public, even to your best friends. You might be strongly

  • tempted to do this, but it only devalues your relationship more and can make

  • the situation worse as it always creates misunderstandings. Maintain the

  • relationship in every way possible and never ever compare your relationship to

  • others. Not your parent’s, not your friend’s, not your coworker’s, not that

  • couple’s relationship that seems perfect all the time, because that will not

  • help even a bit but instead will create a mess. To make your relationship the

  • healthiest and the best, you both have to participate actively in keeping it

  • positive. Individual tastes and preferences are in every one of us, no two

  • people like the same things all the time. Your love and commitment to each

  • other should grow over the years. The longer you have been married, the more

  • history you have together. The triumphs and disappointments, the successes and

  • the failures, all are part of sharing a life together. And that history is

  • unique to you and no one else has that or can duplicate it.

  • Strength Of Love

  • Last but not

  • least, love each other every day. Express your love often and in different

  • ways. Do things to keep your love and romance alive; never stop treating each

  • other like sweethearts. Talk to each other and do various things together. Do

  • not let external values affect the internal feelings of your heart and do all

  • that can be done to make you both happy. Every decision made should be for the

  • best of your relationship. Keep telling your partner how much you care about

  • him/her. Do it even though you know that he/she knows. Most importantly, never

  • take love for granted. Keep in mind that after your parents and children are

  • gone, your partner is the only person who will stay with you for the rest of

  • your life.

  • To stay

  • together ‘no matter what’, stick in there and make things works as there is no

  • question of separation!

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