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10 Steps for a Good Night Sleep

10 Steps for a Good Night Sleep
All you want a quality sleep with no interruptions, for good health and well-being. Sound sleep is important to keep yourself alert and fresh through the day to perform every day tasks.
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  • All you want a quality sleep with no interruptions, for good health and well-being. Sound sleep is important to keep yourself alert and fresh through the day to perform every day tasks. Some children are blessed who sleep well most of the night. Others may have a nightly struggle with trying to put them to sleep. It has proved, failure to get a fit sleep is vulnerable to illnesses and it has a profound effect on a person’s emotions, energy, and stress level.
    Don’t neglect the importance of good night sleep. Take a look at your sleep schedule, bad time environment and daily life style to achieve a calm and cozy sleep. Follow these suggestions for a better night sleep and I am sure you will wake up with a fresh mind starting your day.

  • 1 - Relax your Body - Before your bad time, relax yourself by listening soft music or read interesting book. Stay away from computer, television or video game before your bed time because these gadgets can keep your mind active If you are feeling tired, to calm yourself take a warm, relaxing bath with a combination of herbs such as rose, mint or lime flower. Taking a bath an hour before bed raise the temperature of body and after the bath temperature turns to cool so this cooling may help you feel drowsy.

  • 2 - Eat Sensibly - Eat dinner before two hours of sleep time. It is not a good idea to consume heavy meal, coffee or anything that contains caffeine just before sleep because it prevents from sound sleep. Despite drinking warm milk is sleep inducer. Milk contains calcium and tryptophan, which makes you feel sleepy.

  • Don’t drink a lot of water before sleep because it will pull you back from dream for going to bathroom.

  • During the day time intake carbohydrate, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin B6 and folic acid rich foods. These constituents help to boost relaxation, calm the mind and promote sleep.
    3 - Avoid Daytime Naps - Rather than have a restless night, avoid the daytime naps or make them light. Limit your day time sleep to 30 minutes because lengthy naps make you awake at night.

  • 4 - Adopt a Routine - A standard schedule plays an important factor for a good night sleep. Establish a bed time schedule for you. Every day of the week, go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time in the morning. This helps your body to adopt a routine. If you are tired and want to go to bed early, avoid it and keep yourself busy in other activity until the bed time.

  • 5 - Quite Room - It is difficult for you to create a noiseless environment and noise is one the major culprits which can disturb your sleep. No matter where your room is located in the home; barking of dog, roar of a passing airplane, dripping taps, clock ticking and vehicles revving can annoy you. You can block out noises by playing soft music that will also lull you to sleep tight.

  • 6 - Darkness in Room - It is important to sleep in a dark room. Turn off lights which especially confusing your eyes, if you feel problem to fall asleep in darkness, use dim or night light in opposite side of your face. Cover window with curtains to block outside light. Sleeping in complete dark room will help your body produces the hormones it needs to repair your muscles and keep your immune system healthy.

  • 7 - Color Harmony - Do you know color harmony affect on sleep? Decorate your room in such colors that are calming. White, blue, light green and pink hues can make your bedroom and its accessories more restful. Colors work on your emotions and help you sleep peacefully. Avoid using shades of red, orange and black in your room as they are not soothing colors.

  • 8 - Feel Comfort - You must be comfortable when you go to sleep so wear loose night dress and apply insect repellent if necessary. Ensure your mattress or bed is not too hard or too soft and it should be comfortable to relax you. Use a pillow according to your personal preference that can provide you proper support.

  • 9 - Room Temperature - Proper ventilation of your room is too important for a best sleep. Depending on climate, the room should not be too cold or too warm. In cold temperature wear a blanket for a quality sleep. Don’t cover your face with sheet, pillow or blanket because you need to take breath in fresh oxygen during a sleep.

  • 10 - Exercise - All of us are well familiar about the importance of exercise. Exercise in the early evening will help you to endorse sleep. Highly recommended exercises for good sleep are running, rope jumping, and walking. Yoga is also a good choice to calm your mind and body.

  • When you close your eyes think of some pleasant moments of your life which gave you real joy, with those happy thoughts try to doze off. Hopefully above mentioned guidelines will help to achieve a good sleep.

  • Enjoy your sleep and have a refreshing morning. :)

    Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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