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Dr.Khurram’s Special Diet Plan

Dr.Khurram’s Special Diet Plan
Dr.Khurram’s Special Diet Plan - The good thing about these dieting made easy tips is that you can lose weight. For best dieting plan study this article.
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  • Weight Loss Drink

  • Add 2 tsp ispaghol (bhoosi), 1 tsp white vinegar, 1 tsp lemon juice, a few mint leaves (crushed) into a glass of lukewarm water n drink it in the morning before breakfast.

  • Weight Loss Green Tea

  • Boil 8 glasses of water, and add 6 tsp of green tea. Let it simmer on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. When 6 glasses of water remains, add a stick of cinnamon, 1 cardamom, 1 stick mulethi, a pinch onion/nigella seeds, 1 clove, 1 small piece of ginger and 1 piece of garlic. Once water begins to boil again, add a few mint leaves and store in a flask or thermos. Add a few drops of lemon and brown sugar before drinking. Try to drink between 6 to 8 glasses daily.

  • Important: Those Who Have High Blood Pressure Problem, Should Not Add Cinnamon To Their Tea

  • Breakfast

  • Take 1 boiled egg with brown bread slice with margarine & fruit puree.

  • To make a fruit puree: In a pan, add your favourite fruits chopped, with a little water. Cover and leave on low heat until the fruit softens. Process the fruit in a blender and add a squeeze of fresh lemon, cinnamon and black pepper to taste.

  • Lunch & Dinner

  • Have vegetable soup, a piece of chicken or fish. You can have 1 brown roti (chappati).

  • For vegetable soup, chop your vegetables add place in a pan with approximately one cup of vegetable stock, and cover on a low heat until the vegetables soften. Process the vegetables in the blender and spice it up with a raw clove of garlic or black pepper and a little olive oil.

  • To cook meat, steam the meat with a little Tabasco sauce, garlic, ginger, salt & pepper to taste. Use minimum oil preferably use olive or canola oil.

  • Drinks

  • Drink water and green tea. You can also try different weight loss drinks.

  • Desserts & Snacks

  • Snack on sugar-free biscuits, or try making a fruit smoothie at home, by blending fruit and ice in a blender.

  • Everyday Habits

  • • Walk for at least 30 minutes after each meal.
    • Try to include daily exercise in your routine.
    • Drink lukewarm water 30 minutes before meals and 2 hours after meals.
    • Take cornflakes or sago dana in breakfast.
    • Drink at least one glass of skimmed milk daily.
    • Include plenty of vegetables, daals (lentils) and fruits in your daily meals, and try to eat chicken three times a week.

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Comments posted by users for Dr.Khurram’s Special Diet Plan

  1. I am 25 years old and my weight is 72 Kg. My height is 5.2.i want to lose at least 12 kg in one month. Kindly send me suitable diet plan..I live in Pakistan.Thanks in anticipation.

    on Aug 29 2014 7:09AM Report Abuse SAIRA KAZIM
  2. My weight is 67kg and my height is 5.5 feet kindly suggest me diet plan plz.

    on Aug 25 2014 3:33AM Report Abuse ADNAN FAHEEM
  3. Hello Sire,hope you are well.. I am 25 years Old. My height is 5'8" and my Weight is 135 Kg. Please send me A diet plan to lose 50-60 Kg from my body..I badly need this sir. Thank you very much

    on Aug 24 2014 9:01AM Report Abuse Guest
  4. hello im a girl n my height is 5'2 my weight is 65 kg n i need a diet plan so that i can reduce my weight n reach my ideal weight ...the problem i face is that i hate fruits n dont eat none of them what shouldi do ?

    on Aug 18 2014 11:50PM Report Abuse TIYA
  5. Follow this diet plan hope it will work. thanks

    on Aug 16 2014 8:27AM Report Abuse KHANAPAKANA SUPPORT TEAM
  6. hello sir i am syra i am 27 years old and my weight is 80kgs so what will be my diet plan.

    on Aug 15 2014 11:48AM Report Abuse JAZIB
  7. Learn The Secret Of Ancient Monk's Diet That Use To Get Body In Shape,With No Useless Supplements!!!"THIS IS AN ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET that people forget and don't care! WESTERN world has made a very money oriented business to gain money from supplements and FAKE science and illegal drugs to make people looks good. Yet they demand the people to suffer their life by dieting, and fear from lack of supplements..."Eat Anything And Get Your Body In Shape!!!This is NOT a Diet! This is a Way of Life!! An Ancient Sacred Way of Life This is OCD - "OBSESSIVE CORBUZIER'S DIET"

    on Aug 12 2014 2:26PM Report Abuse SINDTEXT
  8. Aoa im 16 years old. My weight is 75kg and my height is 5'2. I want to loose 15-20kgs in 2-3 monthsplease do send me a diet plan. My problem areas are my tummy and lower part. I really wanna loose my tummy please send me a diet chart.

    on Jul 15 2014 6:24PM Report Abuse SADIA
  9. aoa,sir i am extremely overwhelmed by my weight currently. its like the life has be come so hard for me to carry on:(. ALlah has gifted me with so many talents like debating, excellent at studies and much more.but at every platform my weight becomes a major obstacle. i feel SO bad and such low at my self esteem. all my siblings are really smart that makes me more hard at this. they eat but this doesn't effects them:(my height is 5'3 and weight is 70Kgs at 22years. i really want to loose it.seriously. please sir.

    on Jul 14 2014 3:38PM Report Abuse SAIMA
  10. hello sir i m 26 years old, my weight is 70 kg nd my height is 5'3'' i m fed up with my overweight... kindly send me diet plan suited to me...i want to loose weight in a healthy nd proper manner....thanx

    on Jul 9 2014 7:51AM Report Abuse NADISH
  11. i am 22 yrs old my weight is 77 kg and my height is 5'7'' i want to lose 15 kg in ramadan please send me the diet plan.i shall be thankful to you.

    on Jul 2 2014 8:26AM Report Abuse HIBA NADEEM
  12. hello sir, i am just 15 years old my weight is 60kg.I want to lose my weight at least 20 kg must in the moth of Ramadan.kindly tell me the proper diet.

    on Jun 30 2014 7:35AM Report Abuse SID
  13. Dear Sir,I am 24 ,height is 5'4"nd my weight is 58kg. I want to lose 8kg in 2 month. Plz send the diet chart on my Id.thank u

    on Jun 30 2014 7:34AM Report Abuse FATIMA
  14. Hello sir,I am Partha. I am 14 years old. My height is 5`7`` and my weight is 80 kg.I am fed up with my weight so plz sir help me!!!!Sorry for my bad English and sir plz give me a diet food chart what is available in Bangladesh. And give me some suggestion to loss my weight.Sir I have some problems to open the id plz sir send me the suggestion and chart on the id.plz sir help me!!!!!!!

    on Jun 29 2014 8:11PM Report Abuse PARTHA
  15. Hi...I m Asmat.females.age 35.having 3 kids with c section.weight 107......need diet plan for Ramadan.plz email urgently.

    on Jun 29 2014 3:24PM Report Abuse ASMAT
  16. Hello sir,I am Partha. I am 14 years old. My height is 5`7`` and my weight is 80 kg.I am fed up with my weight so plz sir help me!!!!Sorry for my bad English and sir plz give me a diet food chart what is available in Bangladesh. And give me some suggestion to loss my weight.

    on Jun 28 2014 11:28PM Report Abuse PARTHA
  17. im just 24 yrs old bt my weight is 113 as my diet is too mch less i take 1 roti in night n half roti in break fast...pls tel me how cn i loose my weight

    on Jun 16 2014 8:07AM Report Abuse MASHI FATIMA
  18. hey!! i m 24 years old. my weight is 60 and i want to lose 5kgs within 20 days please send me diet plan

    on Jun 12 2014 2:53PM Report Abuse FATIMA
  19. hi.I am 26 yrs old and my height is 5.1 , I weigh approx 65 Kg .please please help me out I need to lose weight as fast as I can.My proposals are being affected.I want to lose atleast 15-20 Kg in a short span of time.

    on Jun 6 2014 6:01PM Report Abuse MEHREEN
  20. Amjad, we have emailed you diet plan on your provided email id, please check your inbox.

    on Jun 7 2014 5:35PM Report Abuse Guest
  21. Hello Sir, I am 26 Years Old and My Weight is 135 Kg. Please Please send me diet plan to lose 40-50 Kg from My Body. Iam Fed Up of My Life. My Life Screwed. Please HELP ME!!!

    on Jun 6 2014 2:33PM Report Abuse AMJAD ALI
  22. hello sir, i am 21 year old and my waight is 110 kg plese send tips and diate plan for lose waight

    on Jun 5 2014 7:57AM Report Abuse NILU BHATTI
  23. please doctor kiya ap meri help ker sakte hein meri age 14 he or mera wight 80 heplease help me

    on Jun 1 2014 6:42AM Report Abuse MUQADDAS SHEIKH
  24. My age is 16 height 5"2 my weight is 55kg I have tummy fat and double chin any diet planPlease?

    on May 25 2014 1:35PM Report Abuse ZAINAB
  25. My weight is 94 kgs and my height is 5 feet 4 inches.. my age is 24 years.please help me with a diet to loose my weight.

    on May 23 2014 9:16AM Report Abuse Guest

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