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Dieting In Teenage

Dieting In Teenage
You have to take note a sentence several times in your surroundings, “I am on diet” or “I am dieting”. Word “diet” stands for daily food in English. But some times this word uses for sparing in diet or for weight lose.
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  • You have to take note a sentence several times in your surroundings, “I am on diet” or “I am dieting”. Word “diet” stands for daily food in English. But some times this word uses for sparing in diet or for weight lose. Now a day it seems that everyone is dieting particularly teenagers. They are all pointing to look slim so they only want to lose weight as quickly as possible and want to look like their slim friends or favorite actor/actress. Most of them are impatient they want everything to happen right now. They don’t think about the consequences.

  • Without proper knowledge about dieting, youngsters tend to avoid many healthy items from their diet. If you are constantly see-sawing between being overweight to thin then your body has to suffer. Eating is a part of your body’s nourishment and if you deprive your body of certain elements this can lead to calcium deficiency, lack of energy, and ashen skin. Moreover deficiency of food creates side effects in you body like these:

  • • When the amount of food intake is reduced, it causes anemia (reduction of blood hemoglobin). This affects the menstrual cycle and also pregnancy later.

  • • Absence of a balanced diet leads to the problems like lake of necessary proteins and vitamins in the body. This again leads to improper digestive process.

  • • When the people attain their desired level of slimness, they tend to discard dieting. When the dieting is stopped they will become fat again.

  • • Less amount of food will leads to loss in strength, anemia, sleeplessness etc.

  • • After long dieting, when the person starts eating, the body cannot adjust the food and causes gas trouble, heartburn and indigestion.

  • If you want to lose weight, do not diet. Quick weight loses is inspiring, but it is important to think ahead too: you need to retain your palate and eating habits and reassess your physical activity so that you can lose weight and stay slim. You cannot except to achieve miracles in a few days, but you will see a difference within three or four weeks if you eat properly and exercise regularly. Losing weight successfully is like getting fitter; you need a horizon or goal ahead of you to help spur you on.

  • Do not be tempted to skip meals. Skipping meals makes you crave, overeat at the next meal, and it slow downs your metabolism, which ultimately hinders weight loss. People tackle weight loses in ways that suit their life styles. But the safest and best way to shift excess pounds is to combine regular exercise with a balanced calorie-controlled diet. What you eat when you are trying to take off weight should not be that different from a normal eating plan- except for the amount you consume. If you only have a small amount to lose and you cut your calorie intake by 1000 from the recommended 2300 calorie per day. Your basic weight lose ethos is less sugar and saturated fats, more fiber and starch; the calories you eat come from foods that supply you with the right number of nutrients to keep your body functioning properly.

  • Slimmers’ Tips

  • • If you can, eat more at the start of the day to give you energy and time to burn off the calories.

  • • Eat little and often to stop hunger pangs.

  • • If you want to snack, keep a supply of raw fruit, and vegetables.

  • • Don’t be tempted to take slimming pills, powders, or laxatives to speed up weight lose; they upset the body’s natural equilibrium – something that can take considerable time to rebalance.

  • • Exercise regularly; extra activity uses up calories, and this is essential to weight lose.

  • • Don’t give up if you lapse: it is quite normal to veer off track every so often, and as long as you get back on course as soon as you can, all your hard work will not be ruined.

  • Eating Out and Staying on Course

  • The problem to do when dieting and eating out is tricky one. The best way to get around the problem of dining out without lapsing – without drawing attention to you and still being able to enjoy yourself is as follow:

  • • Order a salad starter.

  • • Skip bread or breadsticks, or eat a piece of bread without butter. It can be just as delicious.

  • • Drink water instead of soft drink.

  • • Choose a simple main course, something like grilled fish or chicken. Avoid anything that is drenched in a rich sauce or in lots of butter.

  • • Choose a simple low fat dessert: a sorbet is ideal.

  • • Finish with herbal tea (pepper mint is very refreshing and settles your stomach after eating); or, if you want to have a coffee, choose black coffee, not cappuccino.

  • Avoid Absolutely

  • Chocolate, biscuits, doughnuts, fizzy drinks, cakes, ice cream, sugared cereals. In fact anything that contains refined sugar, its just empty calories: a confectionary bar, for instance, has 230 calories and has absolutely no food value.

  • Good luck on journey of weight loses.

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