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Flower Therapy

Flower Therapy
Flower Therapy - Flowers are utter delicate and beautiful creation of God. Dr. Edward Bach father of flower medicine discoverd flower medicine for treatment, that how medicine treats human inbalances in personality and gives positvie feelings.
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  • Dr. Edward Bach, the father of flower Medicines, was a bacteriologist and consulting homeopath of London. Not satisfied with homeopathic practice, he turned to flower as medicines. He discovered 38 flowers as corresponding to 38 human states.

  • These medicines are prepared by putting flower in a pot of water exposed to noon sunlight for about three hours. Essence thus ready is mixed with alcohol for preservative purposes and dispensed in liquid or pill forms.

  • Flower medicines treats the “negative feelings” like anger, fear guilt, inferiority complex, lack of confidence, negative expectancy, envy, jealousy etc, by flooding the consciousness with positive feelings. In flower medicines “disturbed” feelings, moods, attitudes are taken as base for the selection of medicine. Bach found these “imbalances” in the personality as the “core element of disease”.

  • Agrimony- for those who hide worries behind a brave face

  • Aspen- for apprehension for no known reasons

  • Beech- for those who are critical and intolerant of others

  • Centaury- for those who are weak-willed, exploited or imposed upon

  • Cerato- for those who doubt their own judgement, seeking confirmation of others

  • Cherry Plum- for uncontrolled, irrational thoughts

  • Chestnut Bud- for those who refuse to learn by experience and continually repeat the same mistakes

  • Chicory- for those who are over possessive -(self-centered)-clinging and over protective especially of loved ones

  • Clematis- for those who are inattentive, dreamy, absent-minded, for mental escapism

  • Crab Apple- the ‘cleanser’ for self disgust/detestation- for those who are ashamed of ailments

  • Elm- for those who are overwhelmed by inadequacy and responsibility gentian-for despondency

  • Gorse- for pessimism, defeatism, ‘oh what’s the use!’

  • Heather- for those who are talkative, (obsessed with own troubles and experiences)

  • Holly- for hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion

  • Honeysuckle- for those living in the past nostalgic- for home-sickness

  • Hornbeam- for ‘Monday morning’ feeling procrastination

  • Impatiens- for impatience and irritability

  • Larch- for lack of self-confidence, feeling of inferiority, fear of failure

  • Mimulus- for fear of know things, shyness, timidity

  • Mustard- for ‘dark cloud’ that descends, making one saddened and low for no known reason

  • Oak- for those who are normally strong/courageous, but no longer able to struggle bravely against illness or adversity

  • Olive- for those who are fatigued, drained of energy

  • Red chestnut- for those obsessed by care and concern for others

  • Rock Rose- for those who are suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky

  • Rock Water- for those who are rigid-minded, self denying.

  • Pine- for guilt complex- those who blame themselves of others and are always apologizing.

  • Seleranthus- for uncertainty/indecision/vacillation- for fluctuating moods

  • Star of Bethlehem- for all the effects of serious news, of fright following an accident, etc.

  • Sweet Chestnut- for utter dejection, bleak outlook.

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