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Pakistani and Indian Homemade Flat Breads

Pakistani and Indian Homemade Flat Breads
Pakistani, Indian and South Asian Cuisine has a variety of breads commonly called “Roti”. Breads acts as a companion with every meal, curry, gravy, meat and vegetable fries. Typically breads that are made at home are cooked on flat griddle pans.
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  • Pakistani, Indian and South Asian cuisine has a variety of breads commonly called “Roti”. Breads acts as a companion with every meal, curry, gravy, meat and vegetable fries.  Breads that are made at home are cooked on flat griddle pans. Flat griddle pans are of the size of a large frying pan with flat base and no or very little raised edges. A flat griddle pan cooks the simple homemade breads quickly and efficiently. They are so convenient and serve as an efficient everyday cooking tool. Breads that are cooked on flat griddle pan are smaller and thinner than clay oven breads. Smaller and thinner breads are easily managed and cooks quickly on average stove flame. Homemade flat breads can be simple, stuffed or seasoned according to taste and desire. The most popular Pakistani, Indian and South Asia homemade flat breads are:

    Chapatti is the most simple and basic form of flat griddle pan bread. It is made of nice gluten dough of whole wheat flour. A ball of dough is flattened on a lightly floured rolling board with the help of a rolling pin. This flat, round and thin dough is placed on a hot flat griddle pan and cooked from both sides. Chapattis are round, thin, soft and light and accompanies every thick curry, dry curries, barbeque and kebabs of Pakistani cuisine. Chapatti is torn in to morsel and used to scoop up the curry with right hand. However, chapattis are not preferred for thin gravies, curries and broths, since they don’t soak up the thin curries well enough.

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    The bread made of pearl millet flour. Millet grows easily in dry climate. Millet flour bread is a little hard and chewy than wheat flour bread. A quantity of whole wheat flour is added to millet flour while kneading dough for millet bread. Millet bread is made in exactly the same way as chapatti. A small piece of butter is spread over the millet bread when it is cooked to keep is soft. Millet bread is more popular in villages of Pakistan.

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    Makai ki roti is a star of Pakistani cuisine. It is made of cornmeal dough. Cornmeal bread is the specialty of winters in Pakistan. It is the soul-mate of Pakistani winter specialty “Saag” (Mustard leaves curry). Cornmeal dough is kneaded along with some other spices for makai ki roti. Cornmeal bread is fried in ghee or oil on flat griddle pan. Makai ki roti is thicker, chewier and heavier than chapatti.

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    Besan ki roti is made of gram flour. Gram flour is very commonly used in Pakistan for every day cooking. For gram flour bread, dough is kneaded with gram flour, whole wheat flour and spices. When gram flour bread is cooked, ghee or butter is spread over it. Gram flour bread is enjoyed with chutneys and yogurt dips.

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    Seasoning ingredients are added to whole wheat flour while kneading like onion, spinach, cooked lentils and fenugreek leaves or there spices and they are then mixed with water to form thick batter. This batter is spooned and spread on a hot flat griddle pan and cooked by adding a little oil or ghee on the sides. Seasoned bread can be enjoyed with meat curries, kebabs and barbeque.

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    Paratha is just like chapatti, made of whole wheat flour, only butter or ghee is added in it while rolling out in flat round shape. It is then cooked with butter or ghee. Paratha is crispy and buttery. It is enjoyed with omelet, fried egg, tea and some curries. Paratha is considered as breakfast bread, but it can also be enjoyed at any other time of the day.

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    Peshawari paratha is made just like simple paratha, only the dough is of refined all-purpose flour and is lightly flavored with salt, sugar and some other spices if desired. Peshawari paratha is crispier and fluffier than simple paratha and has a sweet and salty taste. Peshawari paratha works great with wraps, barbeque, kebab and balti food.

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    Seasoned paratha is another form of popular Pakistani bread. Some seasoning ingredients like spinach, fenugreek leaves, onion, sugar or other spices are added to whole wheat flour while kneading. Then parathas are made by simple paratha making method. Seasoned parathas can be enjoyed with curries of choice, barbeque, chutneys, yogurt dip or with tea as a snack.

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    Stuffed paratha is very popular Pakistani bread. A stuffing is prepared for the stuffed paratha like potato stuffing, mince stuffing, cheese stuffing, mix vegetable stuffing, sweet stuffing etc. For stuffed paratha, round flat thin bread is shaped like chapatti out of whole grain dough, the stuffing is then spread on it and covered with another thin chapatti. They are gently rolled out with the rolling pin to press them together. This stuffed paratha is then cooked on a flat griddle pan in butter or ghee. Stuffed parathas are enjoyed with chutneys or yogurt dips.

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  • PURI

    Puri is the only traditional Pakistani deep fried bread. It is made of refined all-purpose flour and whole grain flour kneaded into dough. Dough balls are rolled out in to small thin breads and deep fried in oil. Puri is breakfast bread and enjoyed with Halwa (dessert), Cholay (chickpea gravy) and Aloo ki Bhaji (potato gravy). This dish is also served at the weddings in Pakistan.

  • Recommended Recipe - Puri (Fried Chapattis)

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