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Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety
Social anxiety disorder is the third most common psychiatric disorder in USA behind depression and alcoholism. According to a psychiatrist M. H. Naz, social anxiety disorder is one of major psychological dilemma in Pakistan.
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  • Social anxiety disorder, as the name suggests, are characterized by anxiety-emotional distress caused by feelings of vulnerability, apprehension, or fear. The victims almost always try to defend against these feelings. Sometimes they engage in ritualized behaviors that may reduce the anxiety somewhat. At other times they try to escape from or avoid situations that tend to trigger the problem. Such strategies of course are only partly effective. The person remains troubled and ill at ease, clinging to defenses that have no chance of alleviating the cause of anxiety.

  • People with social anxiety are overly self conscious. They fear being watched and judged by others. Most social phobias are afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of others so they resist doing or saying anything in public. Some students feel hesitation to introduce themselves in front of class. Some people cannot force themselves to get up to use a bathroom or get a drink for fear people will be watching them. Other common anxiety provoking social situations include making a phone call or answering the phone, interviewing, talking with people in authority, speaking with strangers, meeting new people, driving and shopping.

  • People who suffer from social phobias can also suffer physical symptoms. Feelings of fear, shame, blushing, profuse sweating, rapid heart beat; upset stomach, trembling, dry mouth, shaky voice and embarrassment are common. In extreme cases this intense uneasiness can progress into a full blown panic attack. The victim may experience shortness of breath, heart palpitations, numbness in hands and feet, or even a sense of being outside of ones own body.

  • The level of mental and physical discomfort is so strong that individuals often change their lifestyle to avoid being exposed to the situation. Changes that may result include dropping out of school, unemployment, alcohol or drug abuse, not leaving the house, suicidal thoughts, and avoiding relationships.

  • Social anxiety disorder may be associated with other psychiatric disorders, such as panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Social anxiety disorder is the third most common psychiatric disorder in USA behind depression and alcoholism. According to a psychiatrist M. H. Naz, social anxiety disorder is one of major psychological dilemma in Pakistan. I treat three or four person’s everyday which feels social anxiety. He narrates more I also observed in Pakistan many people suffer this disorder but they do not take it seriously especially females.

  • Causes of Anxiety Disorder

  • The exact causes of anxiety disorder is a matter of some debate, but research and psychiatrist suggests that the biological and behavioral factors are particularly important. Many social, psychological and biological factors are believed to contribute to the development of social anxiety disorder or social phobia. These factors are interrelated and interact with each other, so it is impossible to pinpoint exact causes. For example, although social phobia tends to run in families, it is unknown whether this is because of genetics or social learning from family members. Some researchers and professionals asserts that social anxiety may be result of unresolved trauma that someone experienced earlier in life Some individual may develop social phobia after a particularly negative social experience. Poor attachment with primary caretaker during stages of early life is also a cause of social anxiety. You may lack self-regulatory skills to calm, focus, and soothe yourself in situations you perceive as stressful or chaotic.

  • What Treatments are Available?

  • To overcome anxiety is it important to realize that we must heal ourselves both mentally and physically. A person with the disorder may be treated with psychotherapy, medication, or both.

  • • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most popular treatment for this disorder. It addresses both cognitive and behavioral issues.
    • The cognitive portion attempts to change negative thinking patterns. These patterns can have a direct effect on how a person feels in certain social situations.
    • The behavioral portion attempts to weaken the connection between troublesome situations and how you react to them. It does this by gradually introducing the person back into the situation in a scheduled, steady manner.
    • Physical Healing
    • Exercise
    • Relaxation
    • Dietary considerations

  • Medication

  • • Antidepressant medications
    • Benzodiazepine
    • Cyclic Antidepressants
    • Other Antidepressants
    • Beta-Blockers

  • Steps to Overcome Your Social Anxiety

  • • Try eating healthier meals. More vegetables and fruits.
    • Accept your anxiety as a current reality. Don’t approve of it, just accept.
    • Focus on external environment.
    • Don’t dwell on negatives. Don’t hammer yourself with hurtful thoughts. Only you control what you think on.
    • Build yourself up by setting small goals for yourself that you can easily achieve. This builds your confidence and belief in yourself.

  • Psychotherapy and medication can help somewhat. But if you want to beat social anxiety, you have to develop new rational, healthy thoughts and beliefs. Changes do not happen over night, and it will prove to be a lot of pain staking emotional work. Believe in your capacity to function in a manner that you believe is best for you.

    Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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Comments posted by users for Social Anxiety

  1. I have a bad SAD, if any of you would like to be my friend, just search me with the name 'Stab Cine' on facebook, we can get support from each other. Msg me on FB. I'm 22, Muslim.

    on Oct 5 2017 11:31PM Report Abuse STAB CINE
  2. Hello everyone, I am Muhammad Hasnain, just a student and sufferer of Social Anxiety. Kindly to all Pakistani, join my page "". It's a community where all sufferers would talk without being judged. I'll be also giving CBT exercises to overcome social anxiety. Remember, medication doesn't work for SAD, because it's the way we preceieve the world, not actually a dysfunctional brain. Thanks.

    on Sep 11 2015 4:38AM Report Abuse HASNAIN
  3. Assalam o alykum dear all!This is about the case of my social anxiety and im suffering in last stage.i have kicked and got rid of different depressive symptoms with drugs and self help(positive thinking).Yet and still not hundred percent ok.I have the detail narated history of my social anxiety disorder.I am searching and need of such a psychiatrist that have experience in treating social anxiety.Please help me thats the task of my life.Sajid

    on Oct 21 2013 5:03AM Report Abuse SAJID USMAN
  4. That is when i got admission in sociology diagnosed my psychiatric disorder while studying my subject social psychology.I wondred and deeply thought that the symptoms blush and shyness,hypersensitivity,cognitive self consciousness with ocd,emotionalities,avoiding eye contact,read about own mind,fear and lack of interaction,sweating and own Ideological world were not only at my adult stage,That were realy and realy a problem from my birth as i remembred the whole past time.The genetic psychiatric disorder(Abnormal cognition) was the key cause due to my parents married both as a cousins that was the genetic cause.While diagnosing my disorder i visited psychiatrist and discussed about my case of Social Anxiety.She wondred and smiled that u realy have the problem diagnosed accurately your self.She prescribed me the medications"Seroft(setraline Hcl) 50mg,Nervin(Alprozalam) 0.25mg,Clomfranil(clomipramine) 25mg and Inderal 10mg.I continued the medicines properly upto 2 years.Gradualy and gradualy i got relieve of symptoms.Any how to say that at last stage i got fully satisfaction.I realized like have got 2nd life.i was 100% ok.Skills and intilligence aroused.There were dominant thoughts,Broadmind nature,Art of to talk,master of judging the mind of others.Thats to say the God gifted Actor.Im poor economicaly but my mind is not poor.My eyes are full of tears now.Anyone for back,support and encouragement ask with me why... ...?Sajid

    on Aug 27 2013 10:08PM Report Abuse SAJID KHAN

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