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Tips to Happy Life

Tips to Happy Life
It’s so easy to get stressed out these days. A long commute, a silly quarrel, those 5 last pounds that just won’t go away can bring anyone down. But how do we get rid of all the stress and negative feelings and actually start enjoying life again? Well, seems like there’s a few simple rules that can make our lives happier.
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  • It’s so easy to get stressed out these days.  A long commute, a silly quarrel, those 5 last pounds that just won’t go away can bring anyone down.  But how do we get rid of all the stress and negative feelings and actually start enjoying life again?  Well, seems like there’s a few simple rules that can make our lives happier.  And here they are:

    1. Take A 10-30 Minutes Walk Every Day. And While You Walk, Smile.

    2. Sit In Silence For At Least 10 Minutes Each Day.

    3. Sleep For 7 Hours.

    4. Live With The 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, And Empathy.

    5. Play More Games.

    6. Read More Books Than You Did In 2007.

    7. Make Time To Practice Meditation, Yoga, And Prayer. They Provide Us With Daily Fuel For Our Busy Lives.

    8. Spend Time With People Over The Age Of 70 & Under The Age Of 6.

    9. Dream More While You Are Awake.

    10. Eat More Foods That Grow On Trees And Plants And Eat Less Food That Is Manufactured In Plants.

    11. Drink Plenty Of Water.

    12. Try To Make At Least Three People Smile Each Day.

    13. Don't Waste Your Precious Energy On Gossip.

    14. Forget Issues Of The Past. Don't Remind Your Partner With His/Her Mistakes Of The Past. That Will Ruin Your Present Happiness.

    15. Don't Have Negative Thoughts Or Things You Cannot Control. Instead Invest Your Energy In The Positive Present Moment.

    16. Realize That Life Is A School And You Are Here To Learn. Problems Are Simply Part Of The Curriculum That Appear And Fade Away Like Algebra Class But The Lessons You Learn Will Last A Lifetime.

    17. Eat Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince And Dinner Like A Beggar.

    18. Smile And Laugh More.

    19. Life Is Too Short To Waste Time Hating Anyone. Don't Hate Others.

    20. Don't Take Yourself So Seriously. No One Else Does.

    21. You Don't Have To Win Every Argument. Agree To Disagree.

    22. Make Peace With Your Past So It Won't Spoil The Present.

    23. Don't Compare Your Life To Others'. You Have No Idea What Their Journey Is All About. Don't Compare Your Partner With Others.

    24. No One Is In Charge Of Your Happiness Except You.

    25. Forgive Everyone For Everything.

    26. What Other People Think Of You Is None Of Your Business.

    27. GOD ! Heals Everything.

    28. However Good Or Bad A Situation Is, It Will Change.

    29. Your Job Won't Take Care Of You When You Are Sick. Your Friends Will. Stay In Touch.

    30. Get Rid Of Anything That Isn't Useful, Beautiful Or Joyful.

    31. Envy Is A Waste Of Time. You Already Have All You Need.

    32. The Best Is Yet To Come.

    33. No Matter How You Feel, Get Up, Dress Up And Show Up.

    34. Do The Right Thing!

    35. Call Your Family Often.

    36. Your Inner Most Is Always Happy. So Be Happy.

    37. Each Day Give Something Good To Others.

    38. Don't Over Do. Keep Your Limits.

    39. When You Awake Alive In The Morning, Thank GOD For It.

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Comments posted by users for Tips to Happy Life

  1. nice tip for happy life

    on Nov 13 2013 5:23AM Report Abuse IFFI
  2. nice tips...

    on Apr 13 2013 2:47PM Report Abuse NAZ FAROOQ
  3. great artical can not have option to email or copy should have thin option.thanks

    on Oct 29 2010 6:32AM Report Abuse UZMA
  4. Nice .Being a Muslim I know this all. Our Religion ISLAM told this all 1400 years before.

    on Sep 19 2010 12:58PM Report Abuse MISBAH
  5. thankyou so much it will help me alot, today i was feeling so alone but after reading this im so energatic thankyou so very much

    on Aug 28 2010 7:32PM Report Abuse WERDAH
  6. Thankyou soo very much.Really,life is too short and we only get it once,its not worth it to waste it by fretting,So stop worrying your existence away.Live with a positive optimistic approach.No problem can be bigger than you.!! Remeber,we're loved and cared for always!

    on Aug 19 2010 12:05AM Report Abuse SONIA
  7. Wats the other people think abt u its none of ur bizz. & Forgive everyone 4 everything. i like the most.

    on May 28 2010 8:34AM Report Abuse DIA KOMAL
  8. v nice tips thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a l0tttttttttttttttttttt im depression patient.

    on May 25 2010 3:43PM Report Abuse ALVINA
  9. i would love to follow these tips to make my life and the near ones happy.thanks alot

    on May 20 2010 5:20AM Report Abuse ZUNEHRA
  10. its vvvvv nice n true

    on Apr 30 2010 4:28AM Report Abuse NINO
  11. liked it a lot.thanks a is so kind of you

    on Apr 27 2010 10:51AM Report Abuse SAFINA AYAZ
  12. Tremendous!! Very nice tips i think if one would try to follow just minimum 10 tips in all those then it will be definately effective for happy life. best tip i liked most :) "Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6."

    on Apr 27 2010 3:28AM Report Abuse ALIZEH

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