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How to Look Best Inside and Out!

How to Look Best Inside and Out!
All of us have two sides, the inner self and outer self. While we go to any extent to polish our exteriors (outer selves) with perfect make-up, hair, body shape etc we totally forget our inner sides. As a result we do not get the desired results even after trying our best to look appealing.
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  • You are at a get together. There is not a single strand of hair on your head that is out of place. Your eye-shadow, blush, mascara all are exactly the shade they should be. Your wardrobe is from the most highly paid designers. There is not a single hint of imperfection on your attire, then somebody you know walks up to you and just when you are expecting a compliment for all the pain you have gone through to look flawless for the evening the person says, ”you ok” you look tired.” the comment hits you like a thunderbolt.

  • No one wants to look the plain Jane. Therefore, in order to look irresistible and win praises from costly make-up and apparel to cosmetic surgeries we go to obsessive lengths to eradicate any defect. Yet sometimes why don’t we achieve the allure we seek even after spending a fortune on our facades?

  • All of us have two sides, the inner self and outer self. While we go to any extent to polish our exteriors (outer selves) with perfect make-up, hair, body shape etc we totally forget our inner sides. As a result we do not get the desired results even after trying our best to look appealing. Long story short, dresses, accessories etc are all sartorial splendor but to look spotless we must concentrate on both our interior as well as exterior as what you are inside will be evident on the outside.

  • Experts globally agree that beauty proceeds from the inside out meaning physical appearance is a reflection of your inner self and how you feel inside will show its signs particularly on your skin and face. For instance studies suggest that the happier and calmer you are, the more your skin glows and the pinker you are in the cheeks. On the contrary, being more depressed implies you are more prone to dark circles and pimple out breaks.

  • It is an established fact that feeling good is imperative in perking up your appearance especially looks. Studies suggest that a vital tool in attaining it is inside peace and tranquility which is the state when we are in total bliss both spiritually and mentally. Such a state can be achieved through adopting a philosophy of life called as “Joie de Vivre”, a French term meaning “the joy of living”, joie, ”joy”, de, “of”, vivre, “to live, living” meaning a cheerful and complete enjoyment of life and an elation of spirit through whatever makes one happy. Psychologists worldwide suggest the following for inner peace:

  • Mindfulness:
    Our mind keeps wandering towards different thoughts some of these are negative ones resulting in stress and exhaustion. If we bring our mind back in the moment we bring our mind back in the moment we cannot only relax but clear the thought clutter as well. Meditation and focusing entirely on the present activity helps in getting rid of the unwanted thoughts and keeping stress at bay. Mind fullness consists of paying attention to an experience from moment to moment without drifting into thoughts of the past or concerns about the future, or getting caught up in thoughts or opinions about what’s going on. Sit or lie down quietly for 20 to 30 minutes, once or twice a day. Daily try to pay attention to your breathing or your environment when you stop at red lights. Before you go to sleep and when you awaken take some mindful breaths. Instead of allowing your mind to wander over the day’s concerns, direct your attention to your breathing. Find a task that you do impatiently or unconsciously (standing in line or brushing your teeth for example) and concentrate on it. Make something that occurs several times a day such as answering the phone or bucking your seat belt, a reminder to the present that is think about what you are doing and observe yourself doing it.

  • Gratitude:
    This age and times are focused on the dynamics of “never enough”. Be it our body image, money, career or anything we are hardly contented. Being grateful for what we have help us in keeping our minds at rest and the calming effect benefits our whole being. Grateful people are happier, less depressed, less stressed and more satisfied with their lives and social relationships. Grateful people also have higher levels of coping with the difficulties they experience in life, being more likely to seek support from other people, grow from the experience and spend more time. Planning how to deal with the problem. Grateful people also have less negative coping strategies, because they think less negative and more positive thoughts just before going to sleep.
    The exercises for wellbeing include thinking about a living person for whom you are grateful, writing about someone for whom you are grateful and writing a letter of thanks to deliver to someone you are grateful to.

  • Forgiveness:
    Researchers are finding forgiveness a new avenue towards health and beauty. When you feel angry with someone forgive that person no matter how tough it seems because studies suggest that forgiveness leads to positive feelings and in turn eliminates depression. The soothing of our minds and bodies improves not only our looks but quality of life also. The forgiveness process includes identifying the people or incidents in your life that you need to forgive. Select one person at a time and apply the process to each. Usually the primary love relationships with parents are the most important to work on first. Become aware that deep down you value health, freedom from negativity, love creativity dignity and joy more than disease, holding onto resentment, joylessness etc. rigorously search out the negative beliefs that formed in your mind- conclusions that you came to at the time of emotional pain, but which now act against you. These include negative beliefs about yourself, the other person, relationships, life, money etc. stop thinking that the other person meets your preference as a condition for you to practice unconditional love and good will towards them and yourself. This opens up the connections to your true self. You also give back responsibility (not blame) to the person being forgiven for the effects of what happened or is happening. You are choosing not to take responsibility and punishment in your body for the wrong they did.

  • They say feeling beautiful is looking beautiful. So the next time you are knocking yourself out over your looks you might want to spare a thought for your inner side as well and you could not just become radiant on the outside but what they call “radiant inside out”.

    Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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